BSBI Announces the Winner of its Start-up Competition

On 16 February, BSBI were pleased to announce Sandra Akunna Ejiofor as the winner of its second start-up competition with her business plan named: ‘Foundation for Rural Female Development in Africa (FORUFEDA)’.

Sandra founded her company in Africa with the goal of supporting women who were underprivileged or were victims of abuse and harassment. Her idea is to support them with teaching skills such as cooking, making hand crafts and sewing etc., allowing the women to earn money for themselves. Once they have started to earn enough, the women provide part of their profits to the company; the funds are then used to sponsor more women in such conditions. This is not a charity but a business idea to empower women by providing them with the skills needed to earn their own livelihood.

Don’t fret, BSBI organises annual competitions internally and our academic and student services team look for opportunities to take part in external competitions too. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for you to challenge yourself by developing a start-up idea, but the competition also enables you to gain experience for your CV and be involved in a business environment.

There’s even the chance to win €1,000 as prize money to help you get your business off the ground!

Congratulations once again to Sandra for this outstanding achievement – we look forward to seeing your start-up grow!


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