BSBI announces students selected as volunteers for ICP 2024

The 33rd International Congress of Psychology (ICP) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic from July 21–26, 2024. The event provides a platform for scholars, researchers, and students to exchange research and creative methods, fostering global collaboration.

The theme “Psychology for Future: Together in Hope” for this year’s congress addresses the numerous challenges psychologists encounter, both as professionals and global citizens. This event delves into the future of psychology, exploring strategies to navigate its challenges and opportunities. The fusion of psychological practice and academia provides a platform for innovative discussions. Our BSBI students have eagerly vied for and successfully secured their participation, paving the way for a valuable exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The successful BSBI participants include:

  • Sandhya Pandey, BSc in Psychology – Psychosocial Disciplines
  • Svetlana Tsalka, BSc in Psychology – Psychosocial Disciplines
  • Hazel Ertürk, MSc in Psychology
  • Rubina Alli Hans, MSc in Psychology

The group is under the mentorship of Dr Sushma Kumari.

Here are their thoughts on their successful selection:

How do you feel about being selected as a volunteer for the 33rd International Congress of Psychology (ICP) 2024, in Prague, Czech Republic?

“It is like a dream come true for me as this is the first time ICP has given an opportunity for students like us to meet and know about well renowned psychologists from all over the world”. – Sandhya Pandey

“Being selected is a huge honor, and I am incredibly excited about it. This opportunity is thrilling and holds significant importance for my future career. I am eager to contribute and learn from experts in the field of psychology, knowing that this experience will undoubtedly shape my professional journey. – Hazel Ertürk

What inspired your decision to pursue this opportunity, and how did BSBI assist you in securing this participation?

“Being a student of Psychology, I always wanted to be a part of any psychological event from the beginning of my journey. My psychology professor assisted me throughout the application process. She gave her full effort to make me able to achieve this golden opportunity”. – Sandhya Pandey

“What made me decide to pursue this opportunity was my passion for Psychology and my desire to engage with the global professional community in this field. My Professor Dr Sushma Kumari and the student representatives at BSBI have always been there for me and guided me to accept this opportunity and have always been in touch with me during my application process”. – Hazel Ertürk

Hazel Ertürk, MSc in Psychology

Svetlana Tsalka, BSc in Psychology

Sandhya Pandey, BSc in Psychology

How would you describe the selection process, and what do you believe distinguished your application and led to your selection?

“The selection procedure was quite difficult. I had to write a motivation letter that best aligns with the work that I have done in this field and how it can be applied in this forum. My resume is very interesting, and it lists all my active participation in the past and my creative skills (my first education was in a music college). – Sviatlana Tsalka

“I am a certificate holder in the mental health practice field, and I am interested in knowing the depth of how the human mind works, I have always been passionate about knowing more about psychology since a very early age of my understanding of this subject. So, I gave a little more effort and time to upgrade my qualifications to help me stand out and get selected”. – Sandhya Pandey

What significance do you attribute to this activity within the broader context of teaching and learning at BSBI?

“Attending such a prestigious event offers students the opportunity to engage with leading experts, cutting-edge research, and diverse perspectives in the field of psychology. It exposes them to current trends, methodologies, and advancements, enriching academic experience and broadening their understanding of the discipline”. Sandhya Pandey

“Volunteering is a new and interesting experience for me, and the teaching methodology at BSBI is quite flexible and convenient and makes it easy to combine the educational process, work, and any activity”. – Sviatlana Tsalka

“This event is of great importance in the wider context of education and training at BSBI. Firstly, it strengthens the practical dimension of education at the institution by providing students with the opportunity to gain international experience and global perspectives. In addition to contributing to the academic development of students, it also contributes to their personal and professional development while they are still students. The fact that BSBI gives its students the chance to participate in international events gives us the chance to be one step ahead of our future colleagues”. – Hazel Ertürk

The beautiful city of Prague will host this year’s event. Our BSBI students are thrilled to be part of such a prestigious gathering. We wish them a fruitful engagement with the best in the field of Psychology.

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