BSBI announces scholarship partnership with Fintiba

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has announced a scholarship partnership with Fintiba, Germany’s first digital platform and solution provider for international students planning to stay in the country. It has officially started on 23 October and will apply to all new students.

The partnership will allow every BSBI student who uses Fintiba services to qualify for a €400 scholarship. BSBI will have the right to nominate up to five students per year for this scholarship.

The criteria which BSBI will take into consideration to assign the scholarship will include academic performance, the participation in different events organised by the school and more. Additionally, using Fintiba services will help students prepare their pre-study documents.

In addition to providing the online blocked account for a German visa, for which Fintiba is a market leader since 2017, the company also offers other products and services like applying for health insurance, a study guide for Germany and much more.

An innovative app makes it possible to manage the processes in a simple way and thus facilitates the journey to Germany for many non-EU citizens.

Mircea Raicu, Visa and Compliance Manager at BSBI said: “We are happy to give the chance to our students to be nominated for a Fintiba scholarship. After facing the whole bureaucratic process, this will be a fair remuneration for those who have a remarkable engagement at BSBI.”

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