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BSBI is in collaboration with Fintiba, a service that assists students with the preparation of their pre-study documents. 

As the first digital platform and solution provider for international students travelling to Germany, Fintiba ensures students have an easy way to transfer the correct amount to a blocked bank account and can apply for a statutory health insurance policy.

Who is Fintiba             

Studying in Germany is a big dream for many people, but the path to it presents a number of challenges. As the first digital and worldwide leading solution provider, Fintiba accompanies and facilitates this project for people from outside Europe who want to study or work in Germany.So far, international students from over 190 different countries have already been able to make their dream come true with the support of Fintiba.

The central solution offered is the digital blocked account recognized by the Federal Foreign Office, which can be opened completely online in just a few steps and in the shortest possible time. 

In addition to the blocked account, Fintiba also offers students the necessary health insurance for visa and enrolment at the university. In addition, students who use Fintiba's services benefit from numerous other free services such as a digital study guide or language courses designed to make it easier to plan and implement a course of study in Germany.

What Fintiba Offers ?               


Thanks to the fast and fully digital processing via the web and mobile app, a blocked account can be opened in less than 10 minutes. For the provision of the blocked account Fintiba cooperates with the Hamburg-based Sutor Bank, a German private bank with a full banking license. This ensures that the blocked account is opened at a German bank with a German IBAN. This is of particular importance so that the blocked account is also accepted when applying for a residence permit at the immigration authorities within Germany.

In addition to the German online blocked account, Fintiba also offers the Fintiba Plus package, which includes tailor-made solutions for every step of the move to Germany.

Solutions within the Fintiba Plus package:


· German online blocked account

· Free travel health insurance


· Public and/or private health insurance

Learning German

· Free language courses

Start in Germany

· Free choice of free current accounts

· Free ISIC card for 3 years

· Free Welcome Guide

· Free access to the Fintiba Study Guide

· Chance of an annual Fintiba Scholarship

The health insurance included in the package is adapted to the students' individual situation based on just a few details provided by them.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory in Germany whether you’re a student, intern or employee. If you are coming from a non-European country, Health insurance coverage is also a prerequisite for obtaining a visa.

Health Insurance Plus package provides you with incoming travel insurance with DR. WALTER and the public health insurance with Techniker Krankenkasse, health insurance, stay safe insurance (Liability and travel smart insurances) as well as repatriation insurance. You will also be able to get a current bank account, ISIC card and DeGIS membership with this package.

In addition to the blocked account and health insurance, Fintiba offers other services such as housing in Germany with a rent deposit insurance and liability insurance tailored to the needs of international students.

In addition, students have access to the Fintiba Study Guide and various free language courses designed to prepare students for a stay in Germany.

The international team with almost 20 different nationalities is available daily to answer all questions regarding visas, blocked account and health insurance, with individual support online or by telephone. The aim of Fintiba is to offer students on their way to Germany the best possible support and, in keeping with the mission #feelslikehome, to make them feel a little bit at home during their stay in Germany.

Frequently asked questions

1. The online blocked account can be opened within 10 minutes All you need to open the blocked account is your passport.

2 After the account has been opened in the name of the student, the desired blocked amount can be transferred.

After the money has been credited to the German account, the online blocking confirmation and the health insurance certificate for the visa date will be issued automatically.

4. Once the student has arrived in Germany, the health insurance confirmation serves as proof of enrolment at the university.

5. The monthly payments can now be transferred to a German account in the Fintiba App

The fee for the blocked account is €89; this is a one-time account opening fee. The monthly account management fee is €4.90. Payment of account management fees will stop if the visa is refused and/or the account is closed.

Within the Fintiba Plus package, Fintiba offers free travel health insurance worth €95. The additional insurance for the stay in Germany is about €30 for the private policy and approx. €100 for the statutory health insurance policy.

In addition to the chance to receive an annual Fintiba scholarship (part of the Fintiba Plus package), BSBI’s collaboration with the company offers students further opportunities for exclusive scholarships with a value of up to €2,000 per year. Students will also receive €15 in pocket money for their stay in Germany if they choose the Fintiba Plus package.