Academic Publications

Our publications provide a platform for our academics, students and researchers to showcase their work and insights into the BSBI community. These publications cover a variety of topics from our scientific journals which publish original research papers and articles to the Café Scientifique Chronicle which covers the Café Scientifique events we have held. Through our academic publications, we strive to continue contributing to research and creating an inclusive environment which enables all in our community to be heard.

The Meta-Globalisation Era: Challenges and Perspectives

Every new publication presents opportunities for inspiration, growth, and advancement. Our globalised world is full of complex and often baffling political, economic, and social phenomena that challenge our analytical skills.

As we navigate through this world, it is essential to recognise the interconnectedness of various domains and their impact on one another. It is through this recognition that we can gain new insights and perspectives on global issues and develop effective strategies to address them.

Despite our technological advancements, we have not made significant progress in our ability to think, write or create better. However, we can learn from our experiences, travel, and acquire new knowledge to control our lives better. As such, our era can be considered a transitional stage in human history, a Meta-Globalisation Era.

This volume aims to shed light on the changing landscape of critical sectors of activity in this era of transition.

Professor Kyriakos Kouveliotis FRSA
  Provost and Chief Academic Officer

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BSBI Gazette*


Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis FRSA
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Associate Editor:

Dr Farshad Badie
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics

BSBI Gazette is a weekly publication published every Friday. It will be distributed to all students and faculty. The publication is composed of various parts including:
  • Editorial
  • Photo of the week
  • Inspirational Quotes of the week
  • Article of the week
  • Websites of the week
  • Books of the week
  • Videos of the week
  • Week in Review – all you need to know about everything that matters

*The analysis and content of the Gazette represent the views of the academic contributors and not BSBI.



Scientific Journals

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation and its academic community are proud to present our published issues.

Our scientific journals publish original research papers and review articles. Researchers, academics and students from any country are invited to publish pure or applied scientific work in a range of domains.

The Scientific Journal of Business and Innovation

The Scientific Journal of Human and Machine Learning
The Scientific Journal of Human and Machine Learning
The Scientific Journal of Human and Machine Learning – Special Issue
The Scientific Journal of Creative and Digital Arts

Café Scientifique Chronicle

The five Café Scientifique events have taken place till now and there are more to come. Among different creative initiatives, Café Scientifique shows great potential in network building, educational and industry partnerships. It is a great opportunity for students to learn the contemporary phenomena in a pioneering manner.

The report presents the synopsis of the ideas explored in five events. The areas of discussion covered:
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health and the Workplace
  • Rebooting the Economy after COVID-19
  • Ports and Airports as Smart Hubs of the Future
  • Creativity and Leadership
  • AI in Business
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