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Faculty of Creative Industries

Anchored by the BSBI core values - Enterprise, Leadership and Success - the Faculty of Creative Industries brings an impactful set of creative arts programmes that are not only significant to our current economy but also a promising and commercially relevant career pathway for the future.

Anticipating the demands of a digital and knowledge-based economy, the creative arts industry is in a transformative age and is becoming more valuable than ever. Modern-day artistry encompasses the ability to translate ideas to a meaningful output from visual interpretation to storytelling that automation cannot fully dictate, inspire and accomplish.

Creative innovations happen in a setting where it is encouraged and at the same time, challenged. This type of environment is provided at BSBI, encouraging our students to nurture and improve their skill set to enable them to build a thriving career in the creative economy when they graduate.


To instil a strong and all-inclusive foundation in the creative arts with focusing on relevant cultural, contemporary, historical, theoretical, and professional contexts.
To develop the acumen to handle creative projects, resources, formal and informal organisational structures, in line with practical application to meet the requirements of modern industries.
To nurture a holistic skill set that can produce and execute compelling concepts that can contribute to solving complex problems.

BSBI 3rd Portfolio Scholarship Competition

Students have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and the chance to receive a scholarship on tuition! This competition is valid on the Faculty of Creative Industries programmes being offered at the Hamburg campus.

Best Portfolio (Study for Free!)

1 Student | 100% Scholarship on Tuition

Second Best Portfolio

10 Students | 50% Scholarship on Tuition

Third Best Portfolio

20 Students | 40% Scholarship on Tuition


Submission Deadline: 30th April 2023

Announcement of Winner: 12th May 2023

Check out the previous winners and their works here.

Our Academic Partner

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is in proud partnership with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA). The university was the highest placed specialist creative university in the Complete University Guide and The Guardian’s 2020 League Table.

Our Strategic Partner: HTK Academy

As a pioneer for the creative subjects and accessible education, we are delighted to be partnered with the HTK academy, offering their students the chance to enhance their creative studies with flagship programmes validated by one of the top universities in the UK, University of Creative Arts. This additional edge will internationalise the students’ degree programme, thus opening the door to many new and exciting opportunities after graduation. The programmes will be thought in the widely recognised international language English on the premises of HTK in Hamburg.

HTK is dedicated to providing their students with first rate training to ensure they thrive in their chosen fields and become the creative talent of tomorrow. In line with this vision, our new collaboration will allow HTK students to achieve a BA (Hons) in Design degree in just one year with all the necessary support from BSBI’s expert academic faculty.

BSBI will be offering affordable tuition fees to HTK students, recognising the importance of students investing in their future.