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What kind of skills do you need to progress your career in graphic design?

Study in Germany ᛫ 15 November 2021

Are you looking to pursue a career in graphic design? Read this blog to discover what skills you will need and discover the undergraduate programme on offer at BSBI.

What makes BSBI stand out from other universities?

Study in Germany ᛫ 4 November 2021

Want to find out if BSBI is the right choice for you? Read this blog to discover what makes BSBI stand out from other universities.

What are the benefits of a DBA Degree?

Study in Germany ᛫ 25 October 2021

Interested in finding out more about what a DBA Degree entails? Read this blog to find out what the benefits of studying one are.

What can you do with a BSc Computer Science and Digitisation degree?

Study in Germany ᛫ 10 September 2021

Considering a degree in Computer Science? Read this blog to learn about the benefits of taking this programme.

What is it like to study in Hamburg, Germany?

Study in Germany ᛫ 23 August 2021

Considering studying in Hamburg, Germany? Read this blog to learn about the advantages of choosing this city as your study location.

How can an MBA in Germany help accelerate your career?

Study in Germany ᛫ 23 August 2021

Interested in studying an MBA in Germany? This blog will explain all of the benefits of studying an MBA with BSBI.

Animation Degree in Germany: Animation Courses and Career Prospects

Study in Germany ᛫ 28 June 2021

An animation degree is designed for students who want to pursue a career in entertainment, art, animation, advertising, design and other industries which need multimedia artists. While the best opportunities for every artist get better with time and experience, an introduction to the field by industry experts prepares you for a brighter future.

What is it Like To Study in Greece?

Study in Germany ᛫ 28 June 2021

If you are an international student thinking of studying in Athens, this article is just right for you. Read on to find out information about Greece as a place to study.

Top Reasons to Study in Paris for International Students

Study in Germany ᛫ 9 June 2021

Paris, also known as the City of Lights, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, renowned for its culture and arts. Studying and living in France can be a life-enriching experience for students owing to the abundance of museums, theatres, architecture, the river Sienna and idyllic cafes.