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Top 10 reasons to study in Barcelona

When we think of Barcelona, a few things come to mind, such as the great food, sandy beaches, its excellent football team, and the overall chilled ambience that is felt across the city. Along with its rich culture and vibrant neighbourhoods, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia also offers excellent education.  Studying in Barcelona can be
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Five affordable activities for students in Paris

When you think of Paris, the images that often come to mind are cobbled pathways, quaint restaurants, trendy fashion, Haussmann architecture and the Eiffel Tower. This dreamy city has been a backdrop of many classic movies and has a special place in the hearts of tourists.  The capital of France is also a huge hit
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5 Useful Apps All Students in Paris Need

Paris is a dream destination for many students who are pulled by the thriving culture, cuisine and exquisite way of life in the city. As well as this, Paris offers a high quality of education which regularly attracts students from across the globe.  Moving to an exciting city like Paris can be an overwhelming experience.
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Key Gen Z trends for 2023

Gen Z is a vital demographic to capture since they are rapidly overtaking aging Millennials as the most impactful market segment. Know more about the Top Gen Z trends of 2023 to look forward.
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Learn how to expand your business internationally

Expanding business internationally has become a necessity for companies wanting to grow and become highly successful. Tapping foreign markets, however, is not just limited to these large brands, as even smaller companies are testing the waters. In 2020 Forbes pulled together a list of 25 privately owned companies that had grown globally, showing that international
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Popular apps for students

The business and educational landscape is constantly changing and adapting to keep up with varying student demands and rapid technological advances. Learn more about the popular apps for students.
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