How can a Global MBA boost your international career prospects?

When you think of attaining business knowledge, you immediately think of the Master of Business Administration (MBA). This degree has withstood all changes in the educational and business landscape to maintain its prominent position.

The MBA has also continually evolved to match the current needs of the job market. As digitisation and globalisation become buzzwords in the business world, students must pursue an MBA degree that offers them stability and growth.

A Global MBA prepares students for managerial roles and a wide application of skills on an international level. This means that knowledge gained from a Global MBA programme is applicable to a range of sectors and will allow you to tap into the global market.

If you are looking to start a career in the international sector, then a Global MBA is an excellent choice as it will provide you with a wide range of skills and give you the required exposure to the international job market.


Why choose a Global MBA?

We live in an age of digitisation where physical spaces are no longer a limitation. With smartphone users expected to surpass six billion by 2027 according to Statista, brands are connecting with audiences around the world using various digital tools.

Companies are expanding to new territories and investing a large sum of money in different ventures. According to Intellizence, Ford plans to invest $22 billion in electric vehicles, while Chinese company Xiaomi is looking to enter the electric vehicle sector with an investment of $10 billion.

As businesses in the globalised world continue to evolve, you will also need to be better prepared for the requirements of this new market. A Global MBA programme will help you gain better management practices and business fundamentals that are applicable to the new landscape.  

This programme also offers a dynamic evolvement where you learn to operate in a multicultural environment easily. Among the key benefits of a Global MBA is the desirable skill set that it offers.


Skills with a Global MBA

If you are looking to start a career in the international sector, then you will need to develop all the necessary skills. A Global MBA offers you specialised expertise.


Global business context

Every new market functions in its own way. Different processes and procedures apply to different industries and environments. Coca-Cola and Samsung are two brands that create effective strategies and seamlessly manage business functions around the world.

With a Global MBA, you learn about management practices on a global platform which includes understanding new cultures, customer preferences, economic trends, market changes and the application of technology. All of this is applicable in learning and applying business knowledge on a global scale.


A comprehensive view of business functions

To successfully operate in the international business market, you need an in-depth understanding of business principles and practices. The Global MBA curriculum will prepare you to handle all challenges and opportunities that you may face in your career.

As a company looking to go international, the business will have to make various decisions that include labour expenses, development, production and selling costs. They will also have to find feasible supply chains for this process. All this decision-making can only be done by someone who has a comprehensive overview of business functions and can handle operations effectively.


Critical thinking

International businesses have their own set of challenges which require critical thinking expertise. You will be required to make decisions to overcome challenges and have the discerning ability to choose among two lucrative opportunities.


The Global MBA programme curriculum is designed to give you a theoretical understanding of current real-world business situations such as marketing strategies implemented during a pandemic or effective use of a supply chain, similar to the one used by Apple that buys material from 43 countries. Additionally, it gives you practical training to utilise your expertise in the right area.

In short, a Global MBA makes you skilled, resilient, adaptable and capable of carrying out various high-level responsibilities.

If you are looking to gain a senior position in the international market, then check out the Global MBA programme offered by the Berlin School of Business & Innovation (BSBI).

This 18-month global programme, offered in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), has four terms in which various important topics will be covered. This includes accounting and managerial finance, marketing and business environment and more. The programme allows students to choose pathways tailored to their professional requirements.

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Global MBA (UCA)

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