Emerging big data technologies you must know about in 2022

Daniel Keys Moran once said: “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

Big data is the pillar of the business world that supports multiple processes and offers new insights for companies. Decision making without data is unthinkable as every business relies on information for making profitable decisions. 

Statista predicts that around 180 zettabytes of data will be generated by 2025, showcasing the total data captured and consumed daily. Each bit of this data carries valuable information that can help a business make strategies, implement robust new models and streamline processes for better productivity. 

Though powerful, big data alone cannot do much unless it is integrated with big data technologies.


Understanding big data technologies

Big data is growing at an exponential rate and such large data sets need to be managed to produce useful results. This is where the big data technology or DataTech sector comes into the picture, as it provides solutions needed for better data management. 

New methods are being introduced to ensure that data sets are put to good use and drive profitability for an organisation. Another important facet of big data technology is that it integrates data from a variety of sources including websites, mobile apps, social media sites and even offline surveys. 

This makes it easier for a business to store all the necessary information in one place for analysing. Insights gained from this accumulated data are useful in analysing the behaviour of humans, the market or even machines.


Emerging big data technologies

Several leading big data technologies are dominating the current market, but to better understand them, you must become familiar with various types of data technologies that are useful and highly recommendable.


Data Storage

As the name suggests, this type of big data technology is used for recording, storing and managing big data. It stores files and documents digitally in a storage system for future use. Two trending data storage technologies are Hadoop and Rainstor.

  • Hadoop technology 

Hadoop technology has become immensely popular because of its ability to process big data through the MapReduce programming model. Not only can it manage distributed data quickly, but it is also very cost-effective. Hadoop is scalable and most importantly is resilient to failure. Therefore, it is becoming a preferred big data technology tool for various businesses.

  • Rainstor

Rainstor is another cost-effective data management system that can store voluminous data, removing any duplicate files. Along with being able to handle big data sets, it can shrink the size of large data making it compatible with cloud storage.


Data Mining 

Data mining plays a pivotal role in extracting essential information from large volumes of raw data. Advanced technology is needed for this function as data streams at a tremendous velocity, making it nearly impossible to draw any information from it. That’s why popular data mining tools, such as Presto, are used by businesses for this purpose.  

  • Presto

Presto is used by popular brands such as Netflix, Facebook, Nasdaq and more as it is a distributed SQL query engine that performs fast analytic queries for data of all sizes. An added benefit it carries is that it can query data without moving it into a different analytics system.


Data Analytics 

Data analytics is among popular big data technologies, focused on cleaning, transforming and ultimately modelling data for effective decision making. This technology makes use of various other elements like statistical algorithms, predictive models and more. 

  • Splunk

Splunk is a well-known data analytics tool that has been used by brands such as Lenovo, Porsche and Dominos for a long time. Splunk is user friendly, offers insights from historical and real-time data and can uncover the hidden value of data. This big data technology can be used for multiple purposes including improving security and managing apps.


Data Visualisation

The information that is extracted from big data must be properly processed and presented as graphic illustrations to make it more comprehensive to all other stakeholders. A very popular data visualisation technology is Tableau. 

  • Tableau 

Tableau is a data visualisation tool used by various global brands such as Walt Disney, The World Bank, Nike, Coca-Cola and more. This platform provides a clean visual interface and offers data visuals in worksheet and dashboard format. The stories for visualisation that are provided by Tableau in the form of charts and maps are very effective in helping decision making within businesses.

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