Student Review | Victor Maduneme

Student Review | Victor Maduneme

Victor Maduneme is Nigerian and ventured to Berlin to pursue a doctorate degree at BSBI, complemented by a wide range of professional diplomas and certifications in business administration and sports acquired throughout Europe.
He graduated in 2023 and is the first DBA – Doctorate in Business Administration Degree holder of Berlin School of Business and Innovation.

Tell us about your background – where you are from and your motivation to pursue an international education abroad.

I hold a Doctorate in Business Administration, along with multiple professional diplomas and certifications in business and sports management across Europe (UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Bulgaria). My educational background also includes an MSc in International Business and Management and a BSc in Accounting. I have a diverse professional background that includes roles in accounting, sales, and entrepreneurship positions in various government parastatals and private companies.

I also enjoy playing football at a grassroots level, but because of the limited opportunity available as a young Nigerian, I had to re-direct my passion for sport to studying and focusing on the management aspect of the game. When I was a teenager, I played in a cup final at the national stadium in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria, and was awarded the best player of the match. I was recommended to join the Pepsi Academy in Lagos, but sadly, I could not meet the humongous financial obligation. My motivation stems from the reality that I had to give up playing football at a professional level to study business and sports management so I could be influential in the development and scouting of young football talents from Nigeria and Africa at large.

What preparations did you make to accomplish your goal of earning a DBA degree outside your home country? What were your key challenges, and how did you overcome them?

It took a marathon of planning to complete my bachelor’s degree in my home country before earning a DBA degree in Europe. The first challenge I faced was the fees and cost of living abroad in correlation to the exchange rate. I had to save up for years after my BSc degree to achieve the finances needed to complete my education journey abroad. Secondly, I was very aware of the cultural and academic differences between studying and living abroad. I had no family or friends I could connect with at the time; I had to get into shape mentally and learn and adapt to the cultural and academic differences in order to overcome these obstacles and achieve my desired goals.

How did you learn about the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, and why did you choose BSBI?

Having gained academic knowledge and experience from the UK and Bulgaria at the time, I was ambitious to diversify and gain more international exposure in another European country, and what’s a better destination than the EU´s biggest economy, Germany. After studying and gaining in-depth knowledge of international business and management, it was time to focus on sports management, which was the plan all along. 

I came to Berlin looking for an institution that offers a PhD or DBA programme with a focus on exploring and researching the football industry (sports management), and the Berlin School of Business and Innovation was the only school in Berlin at the time that had a professor that was interested in my PhD research proposal because my research is focused on the internationalisation of football clubs. Attending a school that was interested in my research proposal is one thing, but meeting the professor in person and getting to learn how the DBA programme will prepare and support me in gaining knowledge and advancing in the sports industry was an amazing experience for me.

What do you consider as a core memory of your educational journey in Berlin?

My educational journey was good overall, yet challenging. For the most part, my educational journey was positive, but a core memory for me was during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was full of enthusiasm and passionate about the new programme and city life, but that was the moment the entire city went into lockdown. However, while navigating those challenges, I was able to reflect on my educational journey and make adequate adjustments where necessary to achieve my goals. I practised critical thinking and engaged in more online learning. This is how I gained some major certifications and established a closer relationship with my family. These three events during COVID-19 were instrumental to my educational journey here in Berlin.

What do you think is the most critical role of BSBI in shaping the leaders of the future?

BSBI plays some crucial roles in shaping the leaders of the future through various strategies and initiatives. However, the most crucial role involves designing and implementing leadership development programmes that offer training, mentorship, coaching, and experiential learning opportunities that help students build leadership skills and capabilities.

This way, BSBI can foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, providing opportunities for students to excel and lead in their various careers.

How will you define leadership in the next decade as someone who has completed a doctorate in business administration degree?

Leadership in the next decade is expected to evolve to meet the changing needs and challenges of a rapidly advancing world. In the next decade, leaders will be required to possess a diverse set of skills, including adaptability, innovation, emotional intelligence, and the ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty so they can make informed decisions.

Furthermore, as we move towards an increasingly digital and advanced technological world, the next decade will also present some challenges where leadership will need to embrace a new arsenal of skills and a specific mindset to effectively lead teams and organisations. It is imperative that leaders prioritise cultural diversity and equity in order to cultivate sustainable environments within workplaces.

Overall, leadership in the next decade will be characterised by agility, innovation, and a strong focus on leveraging technology and diversity to drive positive change and success in a rapidly changing world.

How do you think this degree will be beneficial in shaping the future of global and domestic businesses?

A doctor of business administration (DBA) degree often focuses on advanced business theories and real-world applications which offer several benefits in shaping the future of global and domestic businesses. Firstly, these benefits mainly include research and analytical skills, which enable graduates to conduct an in-depth analysis of business trends, market dynamics, and emerging technologies. This skill set is valuable for making informed decisions that drive business growth and competitiveness.

Secondly, innovation and leadership skills prepare graduates to lead organisational change and drive innovation in the business environment. This is crucial for staying ahead in a global market characterised by rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences.

Lastly, networking opportunities with fellow students, faculty members, industry professionals, and business leaders can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and career advancement both domestically and globally.

In summary, a DBA degree provides advanced knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to shape the future of global and domestic businesses by fostering strategic thinking, research capabilities, innovation, leadership, global awareness, networking opportunities, and enhanced credibility in the business world.

What are your goals in the next five years?

In five years, I hope to have strengthened my skills and gained more responsibility within sports and business management. Also, I hope to have completed training as a licensed football agent and a professional business analyst, taking on leadership roles in both business and sports management. I am eager to learn from experienced business and sports management professionals and take on more challenging roles in the industry.

What will be your message to international students who wish to pursue their ambitions outside their home country?

My message to international students who wish to pursue their ambitions abroad is to define their goals and ensure they can realistically achieve them. Set out plans in small chunks that are easily achievable. You must believe and trust in the process of achieving your ambitions outside of your home country. It is definitely going to be challenging, and the start is always the hardest part, but as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I encourage you to take a leap of faith and pursue your academic career abroad.

“I am thrilled that our first Doctorate student has completed successfully his DBA and also performed amazingly in his Viva.

It has been a long journey of more than 3 years. Conducting research at Doctorate level presents the highest challenge for the student but also for the Institution. BSBI has supported this process by providing the relevant supervision and guidance to our PhD candidate. The outcome makes all of us very proud!”

Professor Kyriakos Kouveliotis FRSA, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, BSBI

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