Student Review | Daryl Castro from Colombia

Learn from Daryl Castro, one of our postgraduate students, about her experience of studying with BSBI. Daryl is from Colombia and is studying our MA in Strategic Marketing.

Strategic Marketing

This master’s programme has been selected by BSBI among many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

This master’s degree is tailored to develop strategic management competencies, specifically for the marketing sector. You will acquire the most relevant and up-to-date skills and know-how to increase your employability and boost your career, enabling you to progress to more senior positions in your field.

The MA programme covers key marketing topics and you will also have the option to tailor the course to your specific interests with elective subjects in the second semester. Additionally, the programme has been designed to capture the dynamic global changes happening across the market.

The modules of this programme are offered via the blended learning method meaning students will attend the online modules via the UNINETTUNO university platform and face-to-face at BSBI’s campus in Berlin.

What were you doing before joining BSBI?

I was working in the sales department. I was a technical advisor for the raw material division for the painting industry in my city.

Why did you choose BSBI?

When I was looking at options, BSBI was really friendly from the very first contact and they really lead me throughout the whole process, every time with kindness. They were really thoughtful, so I really liked that kind of contact when I was interacting and looking for options, so I decided to go for BSBI.

What do you like about the teaching methodologies?

One of the things that I like the most about my lecturers is that, even though they are so experienced, they have different backgrounds in different sectors in the market. They teach with a really fresh mind and are open to challenging us and provide us tools that were really useful during their lectures. Also, the fact that they come from different countries and cities in the world, so it was a really vibrant experience for me to exchange with them.

What is your next step after BSBI?

After completing my studies here in BSBI, I am planning to gather some more experience working here in Germany, if it’s possible, and afterwards, I want to start my own business here also in Germany as well.

How was the experience living in Berlin?

It has been different due to the pandemic and all, but it’s still a really vibrant city, multicultural. The fact that people who live in different cities have moved here, like Germans as well, they’re really open and curious to learn about other cultures and languages as well. I have had the opportunity to share about my culture here without any sort of difficulty and that’s been really open for me and nice to live.

What advice would you give to future students of BSBI?

I would suggest students who want to come here to BSBI and start here in Germany should be really intrigued and curious about the country and to explore the language before coming out here. To me, it’s really important, at least as a basis. Even though it’s really easy to communicate in English here, the language is still very important so I would advise them to really be interested in integrating to the culture through the language and also being interested in the people and the country as well.

To find out more about our MA in Strategic Marketing programme, click here.

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