Student Review | Adelinda Uwayezu from Rwanda

Student Review | Adelinda Uwayezu from Rwanda

Read about Adelinda’s journey from Gasabo-Kimihurura, Rwanda, to Berlin, where she is studying BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Digitisation at BSBI.

Living in Berlin

I think Berlin is a very active and diverse city where one can have the opportunity to try out and explore new spaces and activities. My experience here has been good so far; I’ve been able to navigate the transport system easily and can get to any place with no issues. There are so many attractions and multicultural events that have made me feel welcome and able to integrate into the community.

What made BSBI stand out from other options you had?

BSBI stood out to me the most because of their computer science programme structure, where I will be able to specialise in any preferred area, such as Data Science, at the end.

What challenges did you face before coming to Berlin, and how did BSBI assist you from application to arrival?

The most difficult challenge I faced before coming to Berlin was finding suitable accommodation. As I was still in my home country, it was really hard to find an apartment and trust that what I was being sold would turn out to be real and not exaggerated when I arrived in the city. BSBI helped me with that by connecting me with good agents and real estate companies, which made the process much easier. The apartment I booked was verified, which gave me more assurance.

Experience with the classmates

The academic team at school is very helpful. I find that they listen to us students when we have any issues and help us solve them. Since we know we have that support, my classmates and I work well together and help each other whenever needed.

About the campus and the support system

I can say that we have a supportive system; whether one needs mental health support, visa assistance, or professional development assistance, there’s always someone willing and able to help at BSBI.

Did you attend any career or networking events at the school? How did they enhance your professional development?

I will participate in one of the job events organised by the Careers Service team in the coming week, where I’ll be able to connect with company representatives and learn more about how I can contribute and gain experience. The initiatives taken by the career services team to ensure our professional growth are very admirable.

What was the most unexpected self-discovery you made while studying abroad?

I was surprised to discover how social and interactive I can be. Studying outside one’s home country forces you to leave your comfort zone and experiment. It was really nice to find that I had the ability to interact with new people and navigate unfamiliar systems.

What’s your advice for someone considering studying at BSBI?

I would strive to further entice individuals to choose BSBI, where they can embark on an adventurous learning journey within a welcoming community. Our academic approach fosters satisfaction through challenging one’s mind, fostering a spirit of continuous growth and achievement.

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