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Learn all about what Paris has to offer as an international study destination.

Paris is a capital for fashion, culture and fine dining

Be exposed to French culture during daily life, tour the museums, walk along the river seine or explore the numerous shops and luxury fashion that the capital has to offer.

An international education, in a beautiful setting

While away the hours reading, studying and enjoying life as a student in the city of love!
Have the best of both worlds, embrace a multi-city education
Make friends, bond over a mutual international experience and grow from a cultural exchange.

BSBI is proud to be able to offer an international study experience to students. Start your international education in Paris, France and choose to complete your education in Berlin, Germany.

Discover Paris, France: A world-famous city known for its culture, cuisine and as the capital for fashion, globally. Explore the city as a student, embrace a new culture and enhance your international education. 

If you are interested in the arts, you will be spoilt for choice in Paris. The city is known for its role in famous art movements including impressionism and art nouveau. Thousands of tourists flock to Paris to see modern, avant-garde works at The Centre Pompidou and paintings including the Mona Lisa at The Louvre.

Additionally, Paris has a thriving performing arts scene and locals enjoy evening and weekend trips to the theatre, opera and ballet. Palais Garnier opera house and the modern Bastille Opera attract some of the world’s most sought after singers and dancers, meaning the quality of entertainment is unmatched in other cities.

Whether you are interested in visiting an art gallery to see classic or cutting-edge artworks or spending an evening watching a prestigious ballet show - you will never be short of things to do!

At 775-kilometres long, the Seine is a prominent element and popular tourist attraction in Paris. Parisians often use the Right and Left Bank to distinguish between different locations of the city and there is a long history regarding the Left Bank’s link with writers, artists and café culture and the Right’s association with commerce and trade.

The Seine remains an iconic part of Paris and if you are interested in learning more about the river, then why not take a guided walking tour, or an evening riverboat tour?

Students in Paris benefit from a huge range of beautiful parks, perfect for Summer picnics or afternoon study sessions. Some of the most popular outdoor green spaces include Luxembourg Gardens, Garden des Planets and the Tuileries Garden.

If you have the time, why not spend a day at The Palace of Versailles and learn about the rich history of Louis XIV and the French Revolution. Or if you are less interested in the history side, simply enjoy the beautiful grounds and go for a boat ride in the canal.

Paris is renowned for its fine dining and top quality cuisine and if you are a foodie or have an interest in wine - Paris will be the perfect location for you! There are thousands of restaurants and cafés to choose from suited to all tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a popular Michelin-starred restaurant or a less, reserved crêperie: the Parisian food scene is unlike any other.

The Campus

You'll want to learn about the campus, what services are available and how you'll be taught. Expect a modern campus in a great location, with a short distance to some well known landmarks in Paris.
The campus in Paris, France

Travel and Safety in Paris

Getting around Paris as an international student safely, easily and hassle-free is important. Here are some useful hints and tips.
Travel and safety in Paris, France

The MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAIE) is designed to help students understand the challenges and opportunities that can arise when embarking on a new business venture or leading a period of change within an organisation. The MAIE teaches individuals the necessary skills to thrive in a fast-paced, international environment.

Visa and Immigration

Interested in studying in Paris? Paris is considered the most diverse city in Europe and was once named the best student city in the world. Find out about visas and immigration to make studying in Paris a reality. 

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