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Accommodation in Paris

There are a number of accommodation options available to international students seeking a place to live during their studies in Paris, France.

Residence Halls

Residence halls remove some of the complexities of renting privately, through a landlord, and having to use real estate providers. In addition, residence halls are sometimes safer, ensures you are with other like-minded students or individuals, and often the services provided are better, as they are delivered collectively to all residents.

Documents: When looking for accommodation please be prepared to have a photocopy of your identity card (or passport), a proof of address, and three last payslips. Please note, if somebody is your reference or surety for you, they will be expected to provide the same documents.

In addition, you should also have, if possible, the following documents to support yourself whilst securing accommodation:
• Latest tax notice (or that of the guarantor)
• Student card,
• Residence permit.
• Photocopy of the guarantor’s identity document.
• Employer’s certificate – or that of the guarantor
• Photocopy of the property tax (or local taxes if the guarantor owns his home).
• R.I.B
• Rent receipts from the previous rental if applicable

Please note: It is common in France that you may need a guarantor, who could be a relatives (or it can be an organisation/company) who confirms that you are reliable and who will sign a legally binding agreement to pay the rent if you are unable to do so.

You may further benefit from applying to VISALE, this official government service ensures and gives a guarantee to the landlord/owner, that any rents will be paid, even if you are unable to. For more information about VISALE, please visit this external website. You can also turn to other organisations that offer similar services such as Garantme

Options available to international students:

Real Estate Websites
You may benefit from looking at real estate websites:

Accommodation costs: costs of accommodation may vary depending upon your choice of location and which living option you opt for, please however consider that costs could start from €350 for a shared room and €550-600 for a solo accommodation.