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By law, you are required to obtain health insurance. This will cover the cost of any medical treatment you may require during your stay in Germany, including in the case that a person cannot pay for the doctor because of their illness. It is up to you whether you choose legal or private health insurance.

The basic insurance plan covers the following services:

  • Out-patient medical treatments
  • Basic dental care
  • In-patient stays and treatments in hospital
  • Medically required rehabilitation measures
  • Services for pregnant patients and births


As an international student, you are required to obtain private healthcare insurance for the duration of your studies.

German healthcare providers include AOK, BARMER, DAK, HEK, KKH and IKK.

You will be required to contribute to the plan each month; the amount is typically between €70 and €80.

If you’re a student from the EU or EEA and already possess insurance in your own country, your existing plan may be accepted by German health companies. Similarly, if you’re the owner of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is recognised in Germany, you don't need to register for insurance in Germany. If this is the case, you will receive a certificate stating you are exempt from German insurance.