Healthcare in Berlin

Keeping mentally and physically well whilst studying in Germany is incredibly important. Although you’ll already have obtained healthcare insurance as a legal requirement of your studies, you’ll probably want to avoid using it if possible. However, in case of something unexpected happening, you can use this page to find out about using your healthcare insurance and what it covers.

Why is healthcare important?

Studying abroad can be overwhelming at first. You may feel homesick or experience culture shock as a result of coming to a new country. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself physically fit and healthy. Being ill when abroad can often be a lonely experience (and quite costly without the right insurance). It can also prevent you from progressing in your studies.

Prior to coming to Germany, you should consult your doctor about any vaccinations you may need and also speak through any pre-existing conditions which may affect you whilst abroad. It might be difficult to get the medication you need once you arrive in Germany, so it is best to make arrangements beforehand.

Health insurance

German law has made it mandatory for all international students to obtain health insurance to cover the entire duration of their stay in Berlin. The insurance will cover the costs of any medical treatment you undergo during your stay in the city. Learn more about how you can obtain health insurance and the different plans available.
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It’s important to locate the nearest hospital to your campus when you arrive in a new place so you know where to go in a medical emergency. Berlin has a robust healthcare system with a wide network of hospitals, pharmacies and clinics. Learn more about the hospitals near BSBI campus.
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Register with doctors surgery

Finding a healthcare provider during an emergency can be daunting, especially if you are from a different country and are not familiar with the local language. However, the best approach would go about it the same way you would in your home country. Learn more about finding a doctor’s clinic in Berlin and how to make an appointment.
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