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Keeping mentally and physically well whilst studying in Germany is incredibly important. Although you’ll already have obtained healthcare insurance as a legal requirement of your studies, you’ll probably want to avoid using it if possible. However, in case of something unexpected happening, you can use this page to find out about using your healthcare insurance and what it covers.

Why is healthcare important?

Studying abroad can be overwhelming at first. You may feel homesick or experience culture shock as a result of coming to a new country. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself physically fit and healthy. Being ill when abroad can often be a lonely experience (and quite costly without the right insurance). It can also prevent you from progressing in your studies.

Prior to coming to Germany, you should consult your doctor about any vaccinations you may need and also speak through any pre-existing conditions which may affect you whilst abroad. It might be difficult to get the medication you need once you arrive in Germany, so it is best to make arrangements beforehand.