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We have provided information regarding the usual cost of living as a student in Berlin. Living expenses in the capital tend to be lower than other parts of the country.

Please note, the costs given are an average estimate only and your personal experience may differ from this.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to be independent and meet new people. You’ll have the opportunity to do this by living in shared accommodation with other students. You can expect to pay around €400 a month on average for a room in a shared apartment.

Estimated amount per month: from €400

The cost of living in Berlin is fairly low and you can therefore buy food from supermarkets (“Lebensmittelmarkt”) at an affordable price. You’ll spot chains such as Lidl and Aldi around the city as well as the German hypermarket chain, Kaufland.

Estimated amount per month: €200-€300

Depending on your programme of study, you will need to purchase textbooks. You can often buy these second hand from older students or on Amazon.

Estimated amount per month: €20-€40

If you’re not living within walking distance of the BSBI campus, you will need to set some money aside for train or bus fares. You might also want to spend some time exploring the city in your free time and so you should also budget for this.

Estimated amount per month: €45-€75

In order to meet new people and explore Berlin, you will want to spend time socialising. You should set a small amount aside each week so that you can take part in social activities. In addition, you should have some money aside in case of unexpected payments too.

Estimated amount per month: from €60

You may be thinking about getting a phone with a German SIM card which you should budget for. This will help you to contact the friends you make during your studies and it is also a cheaper way to keep in touch with those at home.

Remember that in order to complete assignments, you’ll also need to gain access to the internet.

Estimated amount per month: €40-€60

It is a legal requirement to have health insurance in Germany. Prior to arriving in the country, you will need to have a plan in place to cover any medical issues whilst abroad.

Estimated amount per month: €45-€80