BSBI MUN Club: Cybersecurity and International Peace

Event Details

Host: Dr Gemma Vallet, Dr Niloufar Aminpour, Ali Jaber Matin

Venue: Holographic Theatre, Alte Post, Berlin Campus

Time: 13:00 Europe/Berlin

Date: 25 July 2024

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On 25 July, BSBI MUN Club is holding its first session, aimed at engaging students in the workings of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) with a focus on cybersecurity and international peace. This event aims to introduce students to Model United Nations (MUN), fostering essential skills such as leadership, diplomacy, public speaking, and negotiation.

Key Speakers and Hosts:

Agenda Highlights:

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Keynote Address on the Importance of the UNSC
  3. Presentation on UNSC Missions and Objectives
  4. Introduction to MUN Procedures and Benefits
  5. Interactive Discussion on Future Topics
  6. Mock Debate Preparation
  7. Closing Remarks and Next Steps

This event will be a valuable educational experience, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and influence the complex landscape of international affairs.

Important: Kindly note that spaces for this event are limited, so be sure to secure your spot promptly.

Reminder: Please be guided by the Code of Conduct for BSBI Events

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