What is the difference between hybrid, online and in-class degree programmes?

What are the differences between hybrid, online and in-person learning?

In the last year, education has become more accommodating than ever before, and the internet has completely changed the methods of learning. Today, you can learn anything online. Even the most prestigious institutes in the world offer online degree courses that are as good and as well-regarded as any in-campus programmes.

As a student, you have more learning options at your disposal with the availability of online, hybrid, and regular in-class programmes that are structured to meet your needs as a student. This has opened a world of opportunities, and you can now pick which type of courses best fits you.

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How are the different learning methods delivered?

An online course is given entirely remotely, via the internet. You will be taught by an instructor, and take your classes via webcams, chat rooms, or message boards. A lot of courses today are also pre-recorded videos of instructors, rather than live sessions, which gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace to earn your degree.

In-person programmes are the traditional classroom-based courses where you need to attend classes. A benefit of this method is that it enables in-person interaction, as students take their lessons directly in the presence of their teacher with their peers.

There are also hybrid courses available if you would prefer a combination of the two earlier methods. Hybrid courses offer you the advantages of online education as well as in-class learning. Usually, in this format, you get to learn a section of the curriculum in-person, inside a classroom, while some parts are instructed in online classes.

In many cases, hybrid courses require students to do part of their coursework online, which complements what has been taught to them in class.

Can online and hybrid courses provide high-quality education?

Yes, online courses and hybrid courses today are as efficient, high-grade and are acknowledged as traditional classroom programmes. The instructors who teach online are experts in their fields with lots of experience. Not only can you achieve higher qualifications such as an MA, but you can also achieve in-demand degrees like an online MBA program.

While in-person teaching allows students to interact with their professors and peers, online courses also allow interaction via the comment section to make the learning experience more fulfilling. Therefore, you are not missing out on anything if you go purely online.

Advantages of In-person, Online and Hybrid courses

The biggest advantage of a traditional classroom course is the space that students enjoy with their peers and teachers inside of a class. These classes are more interactive, and you can share opinions or clear your doubts one-on-one.

Online classes offer an array of benefits to students. You can be located anywhere and learn from the very best institutes. The only requirement is internet connectivity. You’ll save a lot of time and enjoy the luxury of flexibility. Therefore, it’s best for those who have added responsibilities of family, studies, or career.

A hybrid course is a blend of both, and you enjoy both in-class lessons while also doing a part of the coursework online.

Take your pick according to your requirements and fulfil your educational and career goals, the way that works best for you.

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This article was written by Sudipta Jana and edited by Nancy Peters.

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