What are the career opportunities after a marketing degree?

The field of marketing is driven by creativity. Businesses rely on well thought out strategies to help implement promotional activities.

The diverse set of responsibilities and tasks involved in marketing allows professionals to get involved with a range of different areas such as advertising, branding and market research helping them to develop a versatile skill-set.

  • Market research analyst:

They are responsible for gathering and analysing consumer and competitor data. Market research analysts work to help an organisation understand consumer demand and how to develop an appropriate pricing structure for products and services. The typical duties of a market research analyst include:

o   Monitoring and forecasting market and sales trends;

o   Devising effective marketing strategies;

o   Designing and evaluating methods of data collection such as questionnaires and surveys;

o   Studying the market conditions to determine the sales potential of a product or service.

The average annual salary of a  market research analyst is €40,000. 


  • Public relations specialist:

Professionals working in the capacity of public relations specialists are responsible for building a positive public perception of an organisation. Typical tasks will include:

o   Establishing a cooperative relationship with the media and the government;

o   Creating an appropriate brand image to attract customers;

o   Preparing content for media releases;

o   Developing social media programmes;

o   Reputation management using various media platforms;

o   Creating brand awareness through social media as well as offline marketing.

public relations specialist earns an average annual salary of €40,000.


  • Media planner:

As a media planner, you will be responsible for producing action plans for advertising activities, based on pre-defined marketing goals. Your job responsibilities would include:

o   Identifying the media platforms that are suitable for advertising your company’s brand or products;

o   Working towards maximising the impact of advertising campaigns;

o   Coordinating clients and customers as well as the in-house advertising department or agencies;

o   Conducting relevant research to determine the best suited media platforms for advertising;

o   Preparing proposals and cost schedules;

o   Reviewing advertising content before it is released;

o   Working in close association with clients to clearly understand their objectives and requirements.

The average salary of a  media planner is €38,000 per annum.


  • Social media specialist:

They are responsible for the planning and implementation of an organisation’s social media strategies. These social media strategies are used to enhance brand awareness, maximise the effectiveness of marketing strategies and improve sales. The typical duties of a social media specialist include:

o   Preparing all the components of a social media strategy such as budget plans, content for promotional activities and campaign ideas;

o   Enhancing brand visibility on existing social media platforms and venturing into new ones;

o   Creating and managing content through mediums such as videos, newsletters, blogs and social media posts;

o   Analysing metrics such as user interactions and site visits;

o   Using the analysis results to modify current strategies;

o   Designing social media landing pages;

o   Reputation building via online platforms;

o   Liaising with departments such as advertising and product development;

o   Analysing competitors social media activities.

The average salary commanded by a  social media specialist is €39,190 per year.


  • Marketing assistant:

Marketing assistants are involved in projects that aim at maximising the organisation’s profits. They support marketing managers in designing effective marketing campaigns. Typically, they are responsible for:

o   Organising marketing campaigns;

o   Assisting in developing marketing strategies;

o   Maintaining the inventory for promotional materials;

o   Organising meetings and trade shows;

o   Preparing reports to get an idea of the effectiveness of marketing strategies;

o   Tracking sales data.

marketing assistant’s average annual salary is €29,558.


Benefits of being a marketer

  • It is a diverse profession. The skills professionals acquire with a marketing degree allow them to be relevant in a range of industries, such as retail and media. Depending on your interests and the specialisation you opt for, there are plenty of opportunities in marketing.
  • It branches into different marketing parallels. You can choose to become a digital marketer, content marketer or a public relations specialist based on your strengths. The various marketing career pathways have a lot to offer in terms of exposure to different industries and new skills to learn.
  • It pays well. Completing a degree in marketing can help you enter one of the most rewarding careers. With the right experience and an adeptness for developing new skills, you can reach new heights and earn better pay at a senior level role.
  • There is a high demand for marketers in today’s business world. Since marketing is an essential function in all types of businesses, the  demand for skilled marketers will always be prevalent. Every brand needs the right recognition and a way to promote their products and services. This is where the expertise of a marketer comes in, making marketing a safe career choice.
  • It is a career that is relevant in the global marketplace. A marketing career allows you to interact with an international clientele, giving you the global exposure that is essential for career progression.

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