What are the best career options in psychology?

Psychology has always been an alluring field that has attracted many. Along with building an understanding of the human mind, it also allows you to gain insight into your own behaviour and mental processes.

This interesting subject has many facets and can be applied to different fields. Various Fortune 500 companies use psychology for growth and success in various ways. They use psychologists to assess the strengths and skills of employees using different techniques and processes.

Scientific psychological methodologies are used by top organisations for effectively hiring, placing and transferring employees. The numerous uses of psychology also make it an effective tool that can be used in several sectors and can enhance career options for psychology.

This means that if you are planning to take up this subject, you have a wide array of options to select from and will be surprised at the possibilities that psychology has to offer.


Best career options in psychology

A career in psychology can be very versatile and gives you numerous interesting options. Here are some popular job opportunities that you can pick from.


Clinical psychologist

One of the most popular job roles in the field of psychology is a clinical psychologist who plays an important part in the overall mental being of people who seek therapy. Additionally, clinical psychology has become hugely popular in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) roles in a professional organisation as stated by a 2022 report by American Psychological Association.

The core responsibility of a clinical psychologist is to assess the physical, mental and behavioural problems of the client, examine any possible condition, come up with a recovery plan and also track the progress of the client.

A clinical psychologist works on the mental and emotional health of individuals and helps them in dealing with a range of issues such as all kinds of mental disorders, anxiety, stress, depression and more.


Counselling psychologist

Another equally popular career option for psychology students is a counselling psychologist. Given the fast-paced life that people live which can impact their lifestyle, causes stress and even impact interpersonal relationships, a counselling psychologist plays a pivotal role in bringing a healthy balance.

The role differs from a clinical psychologist as the clinical branch is mostly focused on mental disorders while counselling psychologist deal with a range of life issues such as traumas, bereavement, difficulties in relationships, domestic violence and more.

A counselling psychologist has to carry out a lot of research in therapeutic work to be able to help their clients. They also use specialist psychological treatments during counselling to help clients make positive changes in their behaviour.


Educational psychologist

An educational psychologist addresses the needs of children and young people to help them cope with a variety of issues. This can include assessing the needs of children, helping them to manage their emotions, supporting them with any kind of learning difficulties and even teaching them healthier ways to communicate.

With a growing focus on learning development and awareness of various conditions that can impact a child’s ability to grasp information, educational psychology is becoming a field that is much in demand.

An educational psychologist plays an important role in the development of new learning methodologies for students based on their individual needs. They also work with schools to develop an inclusion policy which can help students to find the right support system.


Career Advisor

The role of a career advisor has become pivotal in current times as people need guidance to make stable long-term choices for work and education. A career adviser is another career option for psychology as these specialists offer information and advice to make career-related decisions that match the client’s expertise and potential.

A career advisor uses their expertise in psychology to build a relationship with the client where they can better understand the career aims and choices of that person. They also give necessary suggestions on skills building and even suggest necessary areas of development.

In this job role, you are required to boost self-awareness and help the client make realistic professional goals along with developing a path to help them achieve them.


Additionally, nowadays, psychologists are being used by big corporate houses including the Fortune 500 for executive therapy and executive management coach training where they act as performance coaches and as an in-house therapists for the workforce.

The added advantage is that those who hold a degree in psychology can successfully determine the needs of the company as well as the workforce. This means they can align the requirements of human resources well with the nature of the individual and their expectations from the company.

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