Top 7 things to know about Engineering Management

The International Space Station (ISS), the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Hoover Dam and The Millau Viaduct, which is the tallest bridge in the world, are some of the greatest engineering wonders of the modern world. Engineers have been fascinating the world with their work throughout history and can be credited with some ground-breaking creations. 

Be it the Great Wall of China, the inventions of Archimedes, the construction of pyramids or even the advanced concepts of Leonardo da Vinci, engineers have played an important role in the development of civilization. 

Today, engineering management is a recognised and respected career choice pursued by many students around the world. This profession offers tremendous stability and good remuneration, which is why it is valued globally. With the necessary knowledge and skills, you will find excellent engineering management jobs in various countries and you can build a platform for a successful career in the field. 

If you are keen to venture into this sector, then it is important to learn all about engineering management and how to succeed in the industry. So, what are some of the reasons you should pursue a career in engineering management?

  • Combines science and maths 

If you are a science enthusiast or love mathematics, then this field is the perfect fit for you. Engineering management brings together these two very important subjects to design and create new structures and machines. Engineers are required to apply the scientific knowledge that they have gained to design various structures, equipment and more. 

While sharpness in technical abilities is required, you must not neglect the equally necessary application of managerial practice to succeed in the role. So, if you are looking to excel in this field, you must pay attention to the administrative part of engineering management. 

  • Soft skills are equally important 

Engineering brings to mind various technical skills that are essential, but it also requires various soft skills. The management aspect of it requires you to have communication and managerial skills along with being able to think critically, troubleshoot problems and build good interpersonal relationships.

These transferable skills are of great value in engineering management as they give you the necessary expertise to navigate through daily work processes efficiently.  

  • Comes with many responsibilities 

As an engineer manager, you will have a lot on your plate as you will not only be ensuring the work progresses smoothly but you will also be keeping a track of the schedule and budget. You will be supervising your team and addressing all their queries, which includes addressing technical questions or even resolving disputes.

You will also be required to train new engineers and evaluate the existing engineers based on their performance. 

  • Requires emotional intelligence

As an engineering manager, you are not only working with machines but also with a team that requires your supervision and guidance. That’s why this field requires someone who has emotional intelligence, which means you should have the ability to deal with your own emotions and show empathy and compassion to others. This skill is vital to engineering management as this field is very dynamic and fast-paced. Therefore, managers who can ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of the team are a necessity. 

  • Makes you solution-oriented 

While studying engineering management, you will become adept at problem-solving as the nature of your job requires designing solutions. You must understand ways in which you can improve people’s lives by producing innovatively designed products. It also requires thinking from a critical and strategic point of view where you can come up with excellent ideas and give them shape as products and processes. 

  • Enhances business leadership 

In modern times, engineering management has become a vast role where you are required to have business knowledge to make sound financial decisions. This means that along with designing great products, you are taught to turn those ideas into financially lucrative projects.

Along with this, you are required to take on managerial duties like mentoring and even holding workshops or public speaking. All in all, this career translates to immense professional and personal development if you are focused and driven. 

  • Opens doors for many opportunities 

Lastly, engineering management will pave the way for many new opportunities in your life. The knowledge and expertise that you will gain will make you qualified for senior-level job roles with excellent salary packages. This includes Director, Production Manager and Project Manager among others. 


Are you looking to pursue a career in engineering management? Check out the MSc in Engineering Management programme offered by the Berlin School of Business & Innovation (BSBI).  

This 18-month master’s programme comes with three specialisations. Students can choose between Project Management, Logistics, TQM and Supply Chain Management or Sustainability and Energy Management, based on their career goals and preferences. 

BSBI has collaborated with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO to offer this programme which aims to develop the skills and knowledge of aspiring managers and leaders.

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MSc in Engineering Management

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