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Take the leap and say ‘yes!’ to studying abroad

Taking the first step It is not easy.

What do you think it takes to forge your own path? The answer is you. It takes a lot of determination. Croatia is a European country as is Germany; it is as popular in sport as Germany. I decided to take a chance on studying in Germany and do my best.

With a great career and student background, it was also hard to take the first step, a new step towards a better future in Berlin, one of the greatest cities. That step can bring you to new and better opportunities, new life connections and new business connections.

Do you know the feeling when you know what you want from your life? You are capable and have the energy to do all that you need to do to reach your goals. But, sometimes there is a problem. You need to know how to find a balance. I asked myself: are you really sure you want to make that step? I was aware at that moment that it would be hard, no matter where you are from, or if you have someone behind you to keep pushing you. No matter how many breaks happen on the path (and it will happen), when you decide to make a step, to see the world, to learn from other people (and we are all different), you will find a way.

I found my own path through a great background and by using my initiative to take steps towards a better future. I learned from great professors who exposed me to new life challenges. I could not feel readier than I do at this moment and I could not be happier to be here.

My advice is that no matter what someone tells you, you should do what you think is the right thing and stay right by yourself. If you do this, the world will be yours.

This is an extract from our student magazine, Pioneer. If you want to read more articles - click here.

By Mia Popović, MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management student

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