Springtime networking: tips for maximising your connections at outdoor events

As the warmer weather begins to appear, you can start to transition more of your social and networking events to the outdoors. Depending on the industry that you would like to work in, there are lots of different outdoor events you can attend to grow your network and enhance your chances of securing that dream role later down the line.

Making meaningful connections at outdoor events requires a slightly different approach than traditional networking settings. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the benefits of outdoor networking and explore some industry-specific tips for maximising your connections at springtime outdoor events. If you’re looking for tips for networking at events, keep reading!

Why choose outdoor networking?

With every season, you get the chance to experience different kinds of social gatherings. While the holiday celebrations of Christmas time and New Year bring lots of exciting social events in our work and personal lives, spring offers a feeling of renewed energy and optimism as the days get longer and the temperature heats up.

Whether you’re attending a casual picnic with the hope of connecting with and learning from others, or going to an officially organised networking event within your industry, there are many benefits to outdoor networking. These scenarios often include a more relaxed atmosphere, which can make it easier to spark up conversation with new people. Although you should avoid hard business talk, it is important to be clear in your professional goals in your own mind and remember that these encounters are opportunities to build relationships that can help your future.

Depending on the sector you are interested in working in, you may want to consider some industry-specific tips to ensure you get the most out of your networking opportunities. Let’s dive into how you can enhance your networking strategy for spring.

Corporate business

  • Although specific dress code depends on the event, you should dress semi-professionally for a business networking event. Even if this is a more casual, outdoor event, you still want to dress appropriately and convey professionalism and competence.
  • Be approachable and ready to discuss industry trends or corporate strategies. You should try and get yourself into a positive, confident and friendly headspace before you arrive at the venue.
  • Remember to listen actively to understand potential business opportunities or challenges.
  • Share your interests in corporate business, whether that is strategic planning, leadership development, or specific companies and industry trends.
  • Exchange contact information for potential partnership opportunities or executive networking and remember to follow up.

Marketing and advertising

  • Wear attire that showcases your creativity and attention to detail. First impressions are everything!
  • Be approachable and ready to discuss marketing strategies or campaign ideas.
  • Start conversations about recent successful marketing campaigns, industry trends or your own desire to work in marketing.
  • Listen actively to understand other people’s opinions and personal experiences.
  • Share your expertise in branding, digital marketing, or content creation.
  • Exchange contact information for future opportunities and be sure to follow up.

Creative industries (art, design, fashion)

  • Dress stylishly to showcase your creativity and an interest in self-expression or fashion trends.
  • Be approachable and ready to discuss artistic inspirations or design trends.
  • Start conversations about recent art exhibitions, fashion shows, or design innovations.
  • Listen actively to appreciate others’ artistic visions and creative processes.
  • If appropriate, share your portfolio or recent projects to demonstrate your skills and style.
  • Exchange contact information for potential collaborations or commissions.
  • Follow up with confidence and enthusiasm to nurture artistic partnerships.

Finance and banking

  • Dress professionally to convey trustworthiness and reliability.
  • Be approachable and open to discussing financial markets or investment opportunities.
  • Start conversations about recent economic developments or regulatory changes.
  • Listen actively to understand clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • Share your expertise in wealth management, portfolio diversification, or retirement planning.
  • Exchange contact information for potential opportunities.

What are some outdoor networking spaces in Germany?

If you choose to study in Germany, spring and summer provide great chances for outdoor networking opportunities, since there are large, popular green spaces in many German cities. Public parks and green spaces in Germany serve as inviting venues for outdoor gatherings, workshops, and seminars. Professionals can participate in networking meetups, industry-specific workshops, or skill-building sessions while enjoying the fresh air and natural surroundings.

Furthermore, barbecue parties and picnics are popular social gatherings in Germany, especially during the warmer months. Companies often organise outdoor BBQs or picnics for employees, clients, and partners to unwind, socialise, and build relationships in a casual setting. Street festivals and outdoor markets are integral parts of German culture, offering vibrant settings for networking and community engagement. Professionals can network at local street fairs, artisan markets, food festivals, and cultural celebrations while exploring diverse offerings and connecting with vendors and attendees.

You can also utilise the following popular events platforms, where you can search ‘networking event for XXX’ or simply look up topics you are interested in so you can meet like-minded people who may help you find a better sense of direction in your career! Some examples are:

  1. Meetup: a popular platform for finding various types of events, including networking events. You can search for specific keywords related to your interests or profession and filter by location to find events in Germany.
  2. Eventbrite: Eventbrite hosts a variety of events in Germany, including networking events tailored to different industries and interests.
  3. LinkedIn events: LinkedIn is another professional networking platform where you can find networking events posted by individuals, organisations, and companies. You may also be able to find some networking groups within your industry that you could join.


If you’re a student studying event management or planning on studying event management, you will likely understand the benefits of networking – especially Springtime networking! It’s important to practise networking and increase your networking skills over time.

Outdoor events in the warmer weather offer a great opportunity for connecting with industry professionals from a variety of fields. By preparing yourself with different tips and tricks to make a great first impression, you will have the confidence to make lasting personal and professional connections. Remember, effective networking tips at events include initiating conversations with a friendly smile and a firm handshake, exchanging business cards, and promptly following up to nurture and grow your connections.

Overall, you should keep in mind that you should initiate conversations with open-ended questions, listen actively, share your expertise, exchange contact details and make sure to follow up if the connection is there and the other party seems enthusiastic. While embracing the sunshine, you will be in a great position to make the most of the springtime networking opportunities!

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