How to keep your projects moving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Complete lockdowns on countries and cities means you’re probably studying from home. Your resources might be reduced or not as accessible as they were before. However, whilst we attempt to flatten the curve, you can still be productive and achieve results from home. Find out what strategies you can implement to keep your projects moving.

Remote collaboration

If you are the project manager in your study group or aspire to be in the business domain, it is imperative you know how to keep projects moving even during unprecedented events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote collaboration can reduce your chance of exposure to the COVID-19 virus and helps ensure that all your team members are practicing social distancing. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of a project can be completed online with the help of online collaboration. To keep projects moving while studying remotely, team-based collaboration software and tools can be utilised to discuss specific project details and share relevant documents. Online or cloud-based shared storage can ensure that the project details can be accessed by all the members of the team.

Software and technology upgrades

Committing to remote collaboration can only be possible if your technological infrastructure is up to date. Your team members can’t ensure the completion of projects from their homes if the project details are recorded in old-fashioned binders and files instead of being stored in digital drives. Investing in state-of-the-art technology might be taxing on your resources and slightly time consuming, however, if you take the time to upload your notes or any project details to an online location, you can ensure that the project’s goals are completed within their stipulated time frame.

Timely re-skilling and knowledge transfer

Using high-tech software or complicated programmes is no good unless your other team members know how to use it.  Remote project management involves much more than investing in the latest digital tools. This step may involve knowledge transfer sessions and a certain level of re-skilling. Make sure that whatever software you’re using, your team has access to free training and resources on how to use it. You can also host Zoom sessions so you can discuss what and how the software is being used.

Clear and customised remote work policies

You might be working during this time rather than studying. If so, it’s important that you adhere to the remote work policies of the company you are working or interning for. A valid challenge to remote project management is the clash of professional and personal worlds.

Consider what challenges you will face when working from home that you might not encounter in your office environment. If you have team members with young children, having the same work allocation and deadlines might not be possible. Ensure you are actively engaging with your team to sketch out a flexible schedule; this can be beneficial to each team member as well as your own deadlines. You can factor in the time for group discussions as well as meetings with external stakeholders while creating personalised schedules for each team member.

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