5 reasons why you should study MA Photography in 2024

Within the creative industry, photography is widely seen as one of the most creative careers to pursue. Being a career in demand in 2024, there has never been a better time to develop your photography skills and refine your style in the field. What started as a hobby can transform into a successful career with the knowledge and guidance from expert tutors during a MA Photography degree at a reputable university.

Whether you are looking to master your photography skills to access new opportunities within the field or considering a career change and you’re looking to bring to life your passion for photography, a master’s in photography is a great option.

So, what are some of the main reasons you should pursue a master’s degree in photography today?

1. Diverse career prospects

A MA Photography course provides you with career advancement to access roles across the creative industry. From graphic design to marketing, a master’s in photography provides transferrable skills to enhance your career and open doors to a range of career paths.

The advanced knowledge and credentials that a MA Photography course offers as well as the critical thinking, research and communication skills developed during the programme, can set you apart in a competitive job market.

2. Portfolio development

One of the major benefits of studying a master’s degree in photography is the opportunity to develop a portfolio that highlights your strengths and experiences throughout the course. By experimenting with different styles, you can refine your original style of photography that defines you as a photographer.

In almost every job application, you will be asked to provide a portfolio of some sort. A MA Photography course offers the best opportunity to start creating a professional portfolio that demonstrates a wide range of skills with the different styles of photography you will explore during the programme.

3. Expert advice from skilled professionals

A master’s in photography is an opportunity to learn from experienced photographers who teach the programme’s content. Most MA Photography courses also provide students with seminars and guest lectures featuring professionals in the field who can share advice with students through their different experiences in their careers.

Connecting with fellow creatives in the industry is a good way to build your network and can have a positive impact on your photography career, particularly in the early stages. A MA Photography course provides you with access to tutors who are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Learning from successful photographers gives students motivation to replicate their success and tap into their knowledge and skills.

4. Develop your visual storytelling skills

During a master’s in photography, you will see your technical and creative skills develop throughout the programme. While your creativity will be embraced, it is important to learn skills

such as framing, symmetry and the use of angles to enable your pictures to communicate your ideas and style. These creative skills are essential to tell stories through your photographs.

A MA Photography course also emphasises the development of technical skills such as understanding your equipment and how features like exposure and shutter speed affect your photographs. This again plays a crucial role in your ability to speak to your audience through your photography skills.

5. Research and analysis

One of the most underrated reasons to pursue a master’s degree in photography is the research and analysis skills you will develop during the programme. A MA Photography course teaches you how to construct a robust research framework that explores the contexts of your work.

Focusing on both the practical and theoretical aspects of photography, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to apply research to your work to showcase an informed approach to photography. Analysing the different styles of photography and researching contemporary and historical-critical frameworks allows you to explore the deeper meaning behind each photograph.

Why pursue a MA Photography course in Hamburg?

If you are interested in developing your career in the exciting creative industry, a master’s degree in photography provides you with the skills and experience to access a variety of roles in fields including graphic design, video editing, digital imaging and, of course, photography.

A great place to pursue a MA Photography course is in the student-friendly city of Hamburg in Germany. It is important to study photography in a place that inspires your creative mind, and Hamburg does just that. Being a historical yet modern city, the second-largest city in Germany offers students the perfect location to pursue a master’s in photography.

Boasting a rich cultural scene with an abundance of museums, theatres and arts, Hamburg is a great place to live as a student. From the Sunday Hamburg Fish Market to the Stadtpark Botanic Gardens, Hamburg provides plenty of entertainment for all aspiring photographers.

Join us at BSBI today

If a master’s degree in photography in Hamburg sounds like the perfect choice for you, check out the MA Photography course at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI).

Taught at BSBI’s Faculty of Arts in Hamburg, this course offers budding photographers the opportunity to refine their skills and enhance their careers within the field of photography. This brand-new 18-month programme, delivered in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), combines theory and practice to provide aspiring photographers with a well-rounded education to thrive in a rapidly evolving field, where innovation and adaptability are essential.

Whether you are looking to expand your creative skillset by diving into the dynamic world of photography, aiming to communicate your ideas and emotions through photographs or you aspire to pursue a career in the digital world of photography, a master’s in photography at BSBI will help you realise your potential.

Enrol in BSBI’s MA Photography course starting in October before the end of July and benefit from up to 35% off tuition fees for international students and 10% off for EU students. Learn more about the programme here.


What is MA Photography? MA Photography is a postgraduate degree that aims to enhance the career prospects of photographers and other professionals in the creative industries. What kind of photography is in demand? According to Indeed, the top five in-demand photography careers are Freelance Photographer, Photographer’s Assistant, Automotive Photographer, Photojournalist and Photo Editor.

Is a MA in photography worth it? A master’s in photography is worth pursuing for multiple reasons. Not only does studying MA Photography enhance your career prospects, but you can develop technical and creative skills during the programme, as well as having a great opportunity to develop and diversify your photography portfolio. Is photography in high demand? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2022 to 2032, the employment of photographers is projected to grow by 4%. This is in line with most occupations, showcasing the demand for photographers.

Is photography a good career? Pursuing a career in the field of photography is widely seen as one of the most creative avenues. As well as flexibility and the rewarding nature of the job, a career in photography offers you a fun and exciting career where every day is different.

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