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Dr. Muhammad Saqib is an experienced academician and research coordinator, certified data analyst by Google, and a recognised practitioner and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK. He has taught on university programmes at institutions such as Coventry University, the University of Wolverhampton, Breda University, Jumeira University Dubai, and the Berlin School of Business, across multiple cultures. The subjects he has taught include Data Science, Database Technologies, ICT Management, Knowledge Management, and Business Intelligence & Analytics. He has also undertaken several administrative responsibilities and successfully completed a number of projects, research, and training sessions.

He is proficient in the use of JDK, C++, SQL, SPSS, PLS SEM, and MS Office packages. He is a strong communicator (both written and oral) with excellent abilities in organising work effectively. He enjoys working in teams and with individuals, using initiative to achieve organisational goals. He is currently actively engaged in research and publications, which keep him abreast of his subject area.

Areas of expertise

  • Computer Networks
  • Database
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Research interests

  • Smart Cities


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Awards and Honors

  • Senior Fellow – Higher Education Academy, UK
  • Professional Member British Computer Society
  • Certified Google Data Analyst