Student Review | Saksham Grag from India

Student Review | Saksham Grag from India

Meet, Saksham Grag. He is from India and studied our BA in Economics and Business Administration.

BA in Economics and Business Administration

This Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration has been selected by BSBI among the many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

In this programme, you will cover a multi-disciplinary range of subjects to develop your knowledge in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources and much more. You will also benefit from dynamic course content, evolving as business issues change to ensure that graduates have the skills and awareness to succeed in the modern business world.

The modules of this programme are offered via the blended learning method. Students will attend the online modules via the UNINETTUNO university platform and face-to-face at the BSBI campus in Berlin. Upon completing the programme, students will earn a European bachelor’s degree with 180 European University Credits (ECTS).

What were you doing before joining BSBI?

I used to study in high school and after joining high school I started a German language course to get prepared for studying in Germany. After that, I joined BSBI to study business.

Why did you choose your degree programme?

I chose here (BSBI) because it’s a really intensive course. It’s providing me worldwide knowledge and provided me with good information which is really important for me to pursue my further studies.

Why did you choose to study at BSBI?

I decided to study at BSBI because, firstly, it is in the centre of Berlin and secondly, it’s really a good college with good facilities. The teachers are really helpful and I heard from many people and from Global MBA students that BSBI is really good and the fee structure of BSBI is also really reasonable.

What was the best thing about your lectures?

The best thing about lectures is that they don’t feel hectic at all. We have long lectures of 5 to 6 hours. We are super energetic after those lectures because the way of teaching is really good, the teacher is always friendly, he’s energetic and practical lessons takes place so they’re really good.

How was the experience living in Berlin?

Berlin is really a beautiful city. It is rich in history. The German culture is really good over here. It’s a clean and green city that international students would like. There are lots of places to chill out, there are a lot of opportunities over here and job opportunities. It is the start-up capital of Germany so we can even do our own start-ups. So all in all there are a lot of opportunities.

What advice would you give to future students of BSBI?

My advice to future students would be that you should come to BSBI. It really is a good college and you will be supported in each and every aspect you want.

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