Student Review | Ritesh Bharadwaj from India

Ritesh Bharadwaj is from India and joined BSBI to study our Global MBA programme. Ritesh discusses his experience of studying at BSBI and living in Berlin.

What were you doing before joining BSBI?

Before joining BSBI, I was working for banks in India.

Why did you choose the Global MBA programme?

I chose this programme, that is Global MBA in Berlin, just because I wanted to get exposure to the market. As of now, I have been working in the banking industry and it’s got certain limitations. BSBI, being in Berlin, is one of the positive things, like the globalisation is one of the reasons for the European market as of now. That is the reason I wanted to go for a place where I could get a chance to expose myself to the global market. Plus, the culture of Europe is something which I wanted to learn about.

What are the teaching methodologies like at BSBI?

The methodology of teaching is completely innovation-based. The teaching methods are completely practical-based, we are given case studies and are asked to work on that. So, that is one of the opportunities through which we get practical experiences through our lectures.

How is life on campus?

Life in the campus, as of now, is very good. We are getting all kinds of support that we look forward to- that includes from our visa extensions to whatever issues that we have been facing in Berlin to settle down because it’s a completely new place for us. So, through BSBI and the coordinators and all the staff of BSBI we are getting help throughout everything so that is one of the positive things.

What advice do you have for future students?

Advice towards students would be anyone who wants to broaden their way of thinking, I would suggest to people to come to BSBI because that would give you an opportunity to get exposure to the global market as well as the techniques that are used in the current business environment.

MBA Programmes at BSBI

At BSBI, we have three MBA programmes on offer for students to choose from:

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