Student Review | Milton Neto from Brazil

Milton is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and came to Berlin to study for his master’s degree after obtaining his bachelor’s in advertising, filmmaking and propaganda.

Studying in Berlin

Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe and provides a vast amount of opportunities for students to take advantage of whilst studying there. With it’s entrepreneurial focus, the city is home to several big corporations including Sony, Deutsche Bahn and Daimler. 

There is also a lot to explore as a student in Berlin. The city has a rich history with historical landmarks for you to discover outside of your studies including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag as well as numerous museums. 

What are you currently doing?

Here in Berlin, I study at BSBI in the final stages of my tests and work on the Strides Group as a content manager.

What do you like about Berlin?

The thing that I like the most and love is the way Germans live outside and I like the weather because it’s not warm like in Brazil so it’s good, especially in spring and summer. I like the way people go outside and spend time in the park.

The most fascinating thing here is the history behind the city and the low-profile style here in Berlin is fantastic, it’s different from other countries.

How did you find out about BSBI?

I was looking on live Instagram for master’s degrees outside of Brazil and spent time choosing between Canada and Germany. After comparing these two countries, I chose Germany because it’s easier to live here and to work properly.


I chose BSBI because the professors were good, the price is good and the campus is fantastic.

Which campus should I choose?

I chose Berlin because it’s a fantastic city and especially the campus here in Berlin is huge and has a nice personality working here with great professors. It’s easy to go from home to any place here. It’s fantastic because I have a lot of cafés, bars, nightclubs and parks to read a book and listen to music and drink with friends.

How did BSBI help you in your career?

If I hadn’t studied here, it would not have been possible to start my work as a working student so it’s my great achievement here.

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