Student Review | Kawanpreet Kaur Bagga from India

Student Review | Kawanpreet Kaur Bagga from India

Read about Kawanpreet’s journey from Lucknow, India, to Berlin, where she is studying BSc (Hons) International Business and Management at BSBI.

Living in Berlin

In my opinion, Berlin is a city with a rich history. Walking through its streets allows you to feel the layers of its past, from the remains of the Berlin Wall and the Jewish Memorial to the Brandenburg Gate. Moreover, what makes Berlin special to me is its vibrant nature and diverse community from all over the world. The food in Berlin is another highlight. I have enjoyed German cuisines like schnitzel and bratwurst, as well as explored the city’s food markets, where you can find everything from Turkish kebab to vegan dishes. My experience in Berlin has been excellent so far. I have learned how to work, live, study, and enjoy my life through all its ups and downs.

What made BSBI stand out from other options you had?

I chose BSBI because I wanted to study a business programme after completing my 12th grade. There were other universities and schools in Berlin that offered the same programme, but their fee structure was very high. BSBI offered me a scholarship for my grades. After all the research I did, BSBI was the best option to study business at an affordable price.

What challenges did you face before coming to Berlin, and how did BSBI assist you from application to arrival?

One of the challenges I faced before coming to Berlin was obtaining the APS certificate, which took a long time. BSBI assisted me with the process by providing the required documents for the visa. The BSBI visa team also checked my documents before I submitted them to the embassy. Overall, BSBI guided me through the entire visa process.

Experience with the classmates

I have fantastic classmates, each hailing from diverse national backgrounds. It’s fascinating to connect with individuals from various cultures and countries.

About the campus and the support system

The campus of BSBI is spacious, featuring a library, student lounge, and cafeteria. Students from around the world come here to pursue their master’s and bachelor’s programmes. The BSBI teams assist with any queries related to assignments, classes, visas, fees, events, etc. Whether through email or in-person visits, they are always prepared to help.

Experience with the Careers Service Team

I love how the the Careers Service Team plans career events for students who are searching for jobs. I attended many career events at BSBI, but one of the most important and crucial ones were the Career Fairs. Many companies participated in the event, offering assistance to students in finding good internships and jobs. It gave me the opportunity to understand the requirements for applying to these companies, so that I can potentially work for one of them in the future.

What was the most unexpected self-discovery you made while studying abroad?

The most important realisation I’m having about myself since being here is that I’m achieving financial independence at such a young age. I’ve already experienced living a life without fear and gained confidence outside my home country.

What’s your advice for someone considering studying at BSBI?

BSBI is best suited for students pursuing programs from various specialisations. All the academic faculty at BSBI are very helpful, and support teams assist with everything from visa applications to assignment doubts. The campus is vast and multicultural, where every culture is respected.

BSBI offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, from IT and business to creative arts, psychology and logistics. Find the right programme for you today!

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