Student Review | Ifunanya Concilia Dimaku from Nigeria

Ifunanya Concilia Dimaku is studying our MSc in International Health Management. She is a doctor from Nigeria and discusses her experience of being a student at BSBI.

MSc in International Health Management

Studying this master’s programme will boost your career by providing you the skills and knowledge required for managerial roles in the international health management sector.

Our programme will provide you with the essential concepts of health management including leadership and decision making, health strategy, operations management, health economics, information technology and research methods.

The modules of this programme are offered via the blended learning method. Students will attend the online modules via the UNINETTUNO university platform and face-to-face at the BSBI campus in Berlin. BSBI’s blended study mode means that you will have the flexibility to fit the course around your schedule, including work and family responsibilities. 

What were you doing before joining BSBI?

Before joining BSBI, I just graduated from medical university in Belarus, so I started my one month internship before coming over to Berlin.

Why did you choose to study MSc in International Health Management in BSBI?

I chose it because at the wake of the pandemic, I discovered that the problem in healthcare isn’t technique but the management, administration and executive part of healthcare so that’s why I chose it.

What do you like about the teaching methodologies?

My lecturers are very friendly, I mean they make you feel like you belong and that you have something to offer. So, this senior/junior kind of thing, we don’t have it, they are just ready to teach us and they are willing to answer questions.

How is your experience in campus?

My first time being on campus I could immediately tell that the vibe was warm, cosy and very welcoming.

What are your future plans and how could BSBI help you achieve that?

My career pathway and plan goes in the direction of healthcare management. I intend to work as a healthcare manager and consultant. So far, in BSBI we’ve had different seminars where people come to talk to us. Even with the student services, they advise us and also, we have this job teaser platform where we get set up for a job. With the skills that I’ll acquire from my lecturers and research, I think I’m ready to go.

How was the experience living in Berlin?

The most fascinating thing about Berlin for me is the number of Russian speakers. While I was living in Belarus, I didn’t think I would meet a lot of Russian speakers again, but in Berlin, at the bus stations, in supermarkets, in different places, I’ve actually heard people speak Russian or something very similar to Russian and also the cultural diversity in Berlin is amazing.

Advice for future students of BSBI?

Definitely, go for it. If BSBI is what you want, then go for it because this is the place where future leaders are prepared. We are allowed to think out of the box and if you are going to impact the world then we need a place like this where we are allowed to be ourselves while bringing creativity to life, so yeah, go for it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our MSc in International Health Management, click here.

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