Free legal services

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is partnered with SERS RECHTSANWALTSGRES.mbH, a law firm based in Germany. As a result of this partnership, BSBI students are able to access the following services free of charge.

Residency permit

SERS will assist BSBI students with preparing their application file for their residence permit whilst also coordinating the student’s personal appointment with the immigration office Berlin or Potsdam. As of 01 September 2023, the service will be extended and also include a group consultation where students can ask their legal questions as well as supporting with a job seeking residence permit upon successful completion of studies on time.

Group consultations

Students can access a group consultation with SERS in order to ask questions about legal questions or their personal circumstances. These may include special study plans, family reunification or obtaining an unlimited residence permit in Germany.


Students will be invited to a lecture providing information on the most important rights and duties of students in respect to German immigration law. Places are provided on a first come, first served basis.

Related News

BSBI has been partnering with the immigration law firm, SERS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (SERS), to provide its international students with tailored visa and immigration advice at no extra cost. BSBI is delighted to announce an excellent upgrade and extension of this unique service that becomes active on 1st of September 2023. SERS will further be offering full assistance with your very first residence permit application with the Berlin/Potsdam Immigration Office. On top of that SERS will also fully support BSBI students on the job seeking residence permit application upon successful completion of their study course on time. Moreover, SERS will be providing group consultations where students can ask their legal questions. All services are offered at no extra costs just as before. Please note that terms and conditions apply. If you have further questions about the SERS Immigration Support Service, feel free to reach out to the
The legal support service is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Terms and Conditions).

Information on your consultation, obligation and cancellation with the firm, can be found on the Opt In form given to you as part of the campus registration.