MSc in Psychology - Cognitive Processes and Technologies

This two-year Master’s in Psychology programme has been selected by BSBI from among the many prestigious international degrees offered by International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.


The MSc in Psychology – Cognitive Processes and Technologies (Laurea Magistrale in Processi Cognitivi e Tecnologie) course focuses on the acquisition of advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of psychology by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind-brain system, of the man-machine interaction and of human interaction in new social environments.

The adopted perspective is based on an interdisciplinary approach, integrating technological and cognitive approaches. This allows students to gain a deeper insight into human action, focusing the training provision and other training activities mainly on multimedia educational aspects and on man-machine interaction.

The training path is characterised by training experiences and significant periods of research in highly qualified laboratories in the field of multimodal interaction (cognitive interfaces, multimedia etc.) in order to make the application of the acquired skills fully operational.



What will you experience?

This course provides skills aimed at constructively facing various application settings, through a problem-solving approach, and more specifically:

  • The ability to carry on fully autonomous basic and applied research in the field of cognitive processes and their application to technologies
  • The ability to design models and interventions to re-organise interfaces between man and complex systems based on cognitive processes relying on experimental as well as simulation methods
  • The ability to design man-machine interaction systems from an emotional-persuasive perspective, assessing their effectiveness in the various (health, school-academic and corporate) application contexts
  • The ability to design and implement technologies for decision-making processes and, in general, for people support.

The course is delivered 100% on-campus with full access to state-of-the art facilities. Students will also have additional access to course and reading materials via the UNINETTUNO platform.

Why study this course?

This course trains professionals in the communicative and clinical field, experts in the mind-brain system and in the man-machine interaction by using new technologies in various educational contexts aimed at the promotion and safety of network exchanges. As well as this, it trains professionals in clinical contexts aimed at the promotion of well-being and reduction of psychopathological risk in different stages of life.

Why study this course?

The MSc in Psychology has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge in two areas of basic expertise for a psychologist and are structured according to two different paths:

  • Neurosciences
  • Cyberpsychology

You will also earn a master’s degree with 180 European University Credits (ECTS). This helps student mobility in the EU when it comes to transferring credits from one higher education institution to another.

Course Price


Berlin: February, October

2023 October: International students Price: €15,000 | EU students Price: €12,000

2024 February, October: International students Price: €15,000 | EU students Price: €12,000

Special offers effective until December 2023*: Save up to 33% on tuition fees if you pay 2 years in full. For international students only.

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Programme Structure

You will attend modules on academic research methods and study the German language alongside your master’s degree subjects. During your final term, you will research and prepare a dissertation on a topic of your choice. The pathway will be offered if the minimum class size of 15 students is met to ensure a good academic experience.

This programme consists of three terms (10 weeks each) and a term focused on your dissertation (12 weeks).

Teaching takes place Monday to Saturday, during morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

The modules of this programme are offered and delivered 100% on campus. Students will also have additional access to course and reading materials via the UNINETTUNO platform.

Path: Neurosciences

The course provides an acquisition of neurobiological, neuroscientific and clinical knowledge, in order to allow the graduate to master skills and competences necessary to operate in the clinical and research field. It will be deepened knowledge and theoretical and applicative skills related to the biological basis of mental and cognitive processes starting from the understanding of the mechanisms of functioning of the nerve cell and then dealing with the anatomy and physiology of the main neuronal networks involved in cognitive processes in physiological and pathological conditions and their mutual interactions.

1st  Year

  • Study Methods
  • Social psychology of web-based relationships
  • Physiological and pathological neuroanatomy
  • Data Science
  • Methods of intervention in groups and organizations
  • Neuroscience and psychobiology
  • Clinical Neuropsychology

2nd  Year

  • Psychotechnologies and Training Processes
  • Principles of cognitive neuroscience
  • Neuropsychological evaluation and cognitive neurorehabilitation
  • Science and psychoanalysis
  • Principles of neurolinguistics
  • Additional linguistic knowledge/skills
  • Free-choice activities/Additional training activities
  • Elective Module
  • Research Methodology

Final Exam

Path: Cyberpsychology

The program of the course offers advanced training in the field of psychology applied to technologies and artificial intelligence with the aim of providing an up-to-date training on theoretical models and research paradigms specific to the understanding of processes of change at the individual and social level resulting from interaction with new media. The acquired knowledge and skills will allow analysing and co-design technologies aimed at promoting individual and social well-being considering the different application fields of psychology.

1st  Year

  • Study Methods
  • Social psychology of web-based relationships
  • Developmental psychology and technologies
  • Experience Design
  • Cognitive processes and technologies
  • Technologies and support to the person
  • Privacy, law and IT security

2nd  Year

  • Psychotechnologies and Training Processes
  • Data Science
  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Psychology of online deviance
  • Cognitive ergonomics and Human Factor
  • Additional linguistic knowledge/skills
  • Additional training activities
  • Elective Module
  • Research Methodology

Final Exam

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to deepen students’ understanding of how cognitive approaches can help us understand the behaviour and experiences of ourselves and others.

At the end of the course, students will learn the following:

 – Detailed theoretical, empirical and applied knowledge of basic mental processes from a cognitive perspective.

 – Knowledge of quantitative research methods in cognitive psychology.

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Career Progression

Knowledge gained from a degree in psychology can be useful throughout a variety of career paths. A master’s degree in psychology can lead to a professional license in social work, counselling, mental health and applied behaviour analysis, among other things. This will also give you the opportunity to work in various sectors:

  • Business and marketing
  • Information technology
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Research and development
  • Government and politics
  • Psychology

BSBI’s dedicated Careers Service helps psychology students and alumni reach their career goals and realise their potential. The Service offers specialised support and aims to build long-lasting relationships with local and national employers. To find out more about the support available, visit the Careers Service website.


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