Global MBA

With this programme you will learn to develop a solid understanding of essential management topics, including marketing, finance, operations, and leadership.

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NEW! BSBI’s MBA Alumni can now continue their education and earn a degree in MSc in International Business & Management in 6 months. The degree is awarded by the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). Learn more.


As a truly global institution, BSBI is constantly striving to bring new opportunities and challenges to it students. Our mission is to help you grow in your studies and career whilst introducing you to the flourishing German business world. Thus, in this course, you will develop an understanding of essential management topics. Each module covers the latest trends and techniques, reflecting the changing nature of the global business environment that you will soon enter and thrive in. You can choose from a range of electives and adapt your degree to fit your career path. Our pathways are ideal if you want to succeed as a project manager, HR manager or start your own business.

PPA Business School

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is in partnership with University for the Creative Arts (UCA). As a result of this partnership, BSBI is able to offer the Global MBA programme. UCA is an acclaimed creative institution in the UK that ranks highly in all three of the major UK league tables. The university has also been ranked 13th out of all UK universities in the Guardian League Table 2020; and ranked no.7 in the 2021 Guardian League Tables for Business, Management & Marketing.



What will you experience?

BSBI has your professional success at heart. Our modern teaching methods and lectures will equip you with the necessary tools to overcome future challenges in the business world and become a leader in your industry. We have an academic focus on students; we feature top German and UK industry professionals as some of our lecturers, and we also welcome faculty from all over Europe. In addition, we provide local Berlin lectures involving local businesses and culture. All students have the option to learn the German language.

The course is delivered 100% on-campus with full access to state-of-the art facilities. Students will also have additional access to course and reading materials via the University for the Creative Arts platform.

Why study this programme?

Studying a Global MBA at BSBI will expose you to the international business environment and ensure you build a professional network that reaches all corners of the globe. Therefore, if you’re thinking about building a global career, studying this programme will help you to achieve your goals. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different career opportunities. Furthermore, the demand for global management professionals is high and increasing. Gaining a Global MBA will help you to stand out from other candidates whilst also developing your knowledge of how to navigate a dynamic and challenging environment.

Why study this course?

Our college attracts candidates with the vision of becoming future business leaders from across the world. Thus, proactive and ambitious individual who are motivated to acquire the academic and practical skills needed for understanding business management are ideal candidates for this 18-month degree programme.

You will earn a master’s degree with 180 UK credits (equivalent to 90 ECTS). This helps student mobility in the EU when it comes to transferring credits from one higher education institution to another.

Course Price


Berlin: February, May, July, October

2024 February, May, July: International students Price: €14,150 | EU students Price: €9,000

2024 October: International students Price: €14,850 | EU students Price: €9,450

Berlin | Special offers: Up to 30% savings for International Students | 10% savings for EU Students

Paris: March, June, November

2024 March, June: International students Price: €14,150 | EU students Price: €9,000

2024 November: International students Price: €14,850 | EU students Price: €9,450

Paris | Check our special offers. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more here.

The School’s admissions process is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Terms and Conditions). Information on your Right of Withdrawal and our Refund Policy can be found in the BSBI study agreement.

Programme Structure

This 18-month Global MBA programme consists of four terms. Throughout the first and second terms you will learn about key business topics including: accounting and managerial finance, systems and operations management and the various aspects of marketing. In your third term, you will select a specific pathway to help you tailor your programme to your career goals. The programme will close in your fourth term with a dissertation on a topic of your choice. The pathway will be offered if the minimum class size of 15 students is met to ensure a good academic experience.

You will also have the opportunity to attend modules on academic research methods as well as to learn the German language alongside your programme.

For Berlin, teaching takes place Monday to Saturday, with morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

For Paris, teaching takes place Monday to Friday, with morning (9-1pm) and afternoon sessions (2-6pm).

The modules of this programme are offered and delivered 100% on campus. Students will also have additional access to course and reading materials via the University for the Creative Arts platform.


  • Marketing and Business Environment
  • Accounting and Managerial Finance
  • Systems and Operations Management
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Study Methods
  • Research Methodology
  • German Language studies


  • Entrepreneurial Business Management
  • Innovation and Product Development


  • Project Management and Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Management


  • Human Capital Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management


  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Global Marketing Management


  • Healthcare Strategy and Administration
  • Health Finance and Economics


  • Law of the Sea, Chartering and Marine Insurance
  • Maritime Operations and Management


  • Event and Sport Facilities Management
  • Managing Sports Organisations

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Discuss and apply a fully informed and detailed knowledge of business organisations, their people, financial, investments, marketing, and management models.
  • Assess markets, business models, communicate business needs and identify changing business scenarios in a management context.
  • Apply professional standards in design, presentation, and writing to clearly communicate your ideas to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.
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Career Progression

The Global MBA programme increases self-confidence while developing essential soft skills. Students continuing their studies with the Global MBA programme will be equipped to access more employment opportunities when they launch their careers. Employed professionals will acquire knowledge to help them achieve promotions or assist in growing a business. An abundance of career options are available to Global MBA graduates in areas including entrepreneurship and marketing management. Executive leadership positions are also an option.

BSBI’s dedicated Careers Service helps Global MBA students and alumni reach their career goals and realise their potential. The Service offers specialised support and aims to build long-lasting relationships with local and national employers. To find out more about the support available, visit the Careers Service website.

Earn a second degree with

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), in partnership with the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, is offering the opportunity to enrich your professional experience and degree qualification with this new programme. 

MSc in International Business & Management

Leveraging the strong strategic alliances as members of the largest university network, Global University Systems, BSBI and UE are collaborating to provide a new access to UE’s MSc in International Business & Management degree.

This semester is tailored to students looking to advance their qualifications in quantitative and qualitative research design, modelling and techniques. With the BSBI MBA degree, and the MSc in International Business & Management, participants will be optimally prepared for a management position at international level. 

Upon completion of the modules which include writing a master thesis, UE will award students the MSc in International Business & Management degree.

The Virtual Student Lounge

BSBI offers you the opportunity to attend our Virtual Student Lounge to help you gain an insight into life at the school. Through a video call consultation, you’ll be able to get a virtual campus tour, learn more about our programmes, bursaries and scholarships, and get answers to any questions you might have regarding the admission procedure.

You’ll also be able to discover more about living and studying in Europe’s start-up capital, Berlin and find out more about the services on offer at BSBI.

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