Why BSBI: Navigate Our Strategic Partnerships and Memberships

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Time: 14:00 Europe/Berlin

Date: 31 January 2024

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Join us for an exciting webinar that takes a deep dive into the core of BSBI – “Why BSBI: Navigate Our Strategic Partnerships and Memberships.” Hear from Dr. Daniel Molnar, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Sangeetha George, Student Engagement Manager, will guide you through how our affiliations contribute to the BSBI experience.

🌐 Membership Excellence:

BSBI proudly partners with innovative organisations, offering valuable resources and a professional network. Explore how these connections support our commitment to delivering flexible, affordable programmes and learn about our ongoing efforts to build external relationships in line with BSBI’s mission.

🤝 Beyond Networking:

Discover our commercial partnerships with corporations, providing unique networking events for students. Enjoy practical benefits and learn how these collaborations are tailored for your student experience, offering tangible advantages for your academic journey.

🌍 Global Academic Excellence:

Explore BSBI’s courses instilled with practical business skills, rooted in enterprise and leadership. Our programmes blend theory with practice to keep you updated on industry trends. Learn about our partnerships with leading global institutions, ensuring a comprehensive and competitive education for success in the global market.

This webinar aims to provide you with clear insights into the foundations of BSBI’s educational model, emphasising the informative aspects of our strategic partnerships and memberships. Join us for an insightful exploration!

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