Careers Event | Workshop on “German Business Culture”

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Host: MA Charlotte Saal, Head of Student Services / MA PgCert Michael Ferenc, Careers Service Manager

Venue: Room 211B, Alte Post Berlin campus

Time: 16:30 Europe/Berlin

Date: 30 April 2024

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This workshop is dedicated to students studying at the Berlin or the Hamburg campus or to those looking to transfer there from Barcelona or Paris.

The aim of the session is to familiarise students with German workplace etiquette and to help them navigate successfully its local cultural sphere. In order to avoid misunderstandings or coming across as impolite or incompetent to German work colleagues, one needs to be aware of the many culturally-conditioned pitfalls foreigners can unintentionally fall into in this country.

Concepts of SpaceTimeHierarchy and Physical Distance in German perception will be covered and compared to major countries the student population of BSBI derives from. Appropriate behaviour at meetings and negotiations with German counterparts will be discussed. Manners and taboos of the German culture will be presented. What motivates and discourages German colleagues and how you can aptly emphasize with them will also be explained.

Finally, some interesting local differences between Berlin and Hamburg and the rest of the country will be showcased.

This workshop will be delivered in hybrid mode and students from Barcelona, Hamburg or Paris will be able to join it remotely. 

Workshop on “German Business Culture”

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