BSBI organises industrial visit for students

Event Details

Host: Dr Vivek Arunachalam, Lecturer at BSBI

Venue: Xerion Laboratories

Time: 9:00 Europe/Berlin

Date: 03 June 2022

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On Friday 3 June, Berlin School of Business and Innovation organised a ‘BSBI Industry Experience’ visit for its students to Xerion Laboratories.

Xerion Laboratories is an industrial equipment manufacturer with expertise and high-end innovations in electrothermal furnaces, additive manufacturing products and more.

Dr Vivek Arunachalam, Lecturer at BSBI, organised this industrial trip for the students and accompanied them during this visit. Dr Uwe Lohse, Founder and CEO of Xerion Laboratories, and Marcus Ortloff, Managing Director, welcomed the BSBI students to Xerion, explaining about the products and the entrepreneurial venture behind the successful growth of Xerion Laboratories in the last 30 years.

Marcus Ortloff gave an insightful presentation to the students about the products and the industries they serve to, which include defence, aerospace, automobile and many more. The students were curious to know about the products, they inspected the samples, visited the manufacturing premise and learnt about the operations behind the whole process.

After the presentation, students took part in an interactive session with the Xerion team during which the students were able to ask various questions ranging from the technical process behind the production, how the products focus on the sustainability aspects, importance of patents and the administrative policies of Xerion.

Dr Vivek Arunachalam thanked the hosts for their invitation and the whole learning experience. The students are looking forward to participating in similar industrial visits to gain further practical exposure to industries.

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