Movie Nights and Discussions | 13 days

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Host: Dr. Niloufar Aminpour, Lecturer and Academic Initiatives Coordinator

Venue: Cafeteria, Alte Post campus

Time: 15:00 Europe/Berlin

Date: 06 October 2023

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“If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will. And that’s… that’s all there is between us and the devil.

That’s a famous line from Kenneth O’Donnell’s movie 13 days, a historical political thriller from year 2000 depicting the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, which played a huge role in the cold war era. The film has an excellent cast including Bruce Greenwood, Steven Culp, Stephanie Romanov, Kevin Costner, and many more and is directed by Roger Donaldson..

Watch this classic at the ‘Movie Nights and Discussions’ event on 06 October 2023 at 3 pm, in Cafeteria, Alte Post campus. The event will be hosted by Dr Niloufar Aminpour, Lecturer.


We have limited seats available. Please sign up for the event at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.

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