BSBI Future Lab | Decodifyng Brand Marketing in a Global Environment

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Host: Dr. Gemma Valet, Lecturer

Venue: Holographic Theatre, Alte Post Berlin campus

Time: 16:30 Europe/Berlin

Date: 09 February 2024

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In a world interconnected like never before, where borders blur and markets transcend geographical boundaries, the realm of brand marketing has evolved into a dynamic landscape, shaping the narrative, perception, and resonance of businesses worldwide. As we traverse the intricate web of a globalised economy, understanding the nuances of brand marketing becomes paramount for any forward-thinking professional.

To equip future global leaders and entrepreneurs with the insights needed to thrive in this dynamic environment, BSBI Future Labs is organising a session, “Decodifyng Brand Marketing in a Global Environment,” on Friday, 9 February 2024 at 4:30PM CET in the Holographic Theatre, Alte Post Berlin campus.

Dr. Gemma Valet, Lecturer, will host the session, and Ms. Farzana Baduel, Co-Founder and CEO of Curzon PR, along with Dmitrii Shiriaev, El Yemli Achraf, Ekaterina Petrova, and Pablo González, Global MBA programme students at BSBI, will join as guests to delve into real-world case studies and acquire actionable strategies to elevate your brand in the global arena.

BSBI students can join onsite. Please register here.

Important: Kindly note that spaces for this event are limited, so be sure to secure your spot promptly.

Reminder: Please be guided by the Code of Conduct for BSBI Events

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