Why is a BA in photography the picture-perfect course at BSBI?

Are you looking to turn your love for photography into a career? A bachelor’s degree in photography allows you to pursue one of the most rewarding career paths in the creative industry.

If you can picture yourself with a camera in hand capturing moments that matter every single day, then a BA in photography could be your ticket to success. There are many avenues within the creative industries that BA Hons photography courses can unlock, giving you the freedom to explore fulfilling career opportunities. So, why choose a BA in photography?

A wide lens view of BA Hons photography courses

Combining practice, theory and technical expertise, BA Hons photography courses allow students to explore different genres to create a distinctive voice as a photographer. Experienced faculty deliver the highest quality of education to prepare you for a successful photography career, giving you the skills and expertise to excel.

Most BA Hons photography courses are offered as a three-year or four-year international route programme and introduce students to the basics of photography all the way to the technical aspects of the art. Through guest speakers and field trips, exposure to professional insights and environments is a crucial aspect of studying a BA in photography. With the goal to inspire and educate, students can find motivation from professionals who provide an understanding of the future they could unlock with a bachelor’s degree in photography.

Studying photography connects you with some of the most creative minds in the world. The course encourages creativity and allows you to learn from your peers as well as professionals in a stimulating environment.

5 reasons to consider a BA in photography

A bachelor’s degree in photography offers a multitude of benefits for creative individuals. From day one, students get exposure to the world of photography and by the end of the course, they will be armed with the skills and knowledge to make their mark on the industry. Here are the top five reasons why you should study a BA in Photography.

1. Theory meets practice – BA Hons photography courses provide the perfect blend of theoretical understanding and practical exploration. The structured curriculum covers technical aspects such as editing and equipment operation as well as how to instinctively capture moments. This structure allows students to experiment with the knowledge they have obtained in the classroom.

2. Exposure to industry professionals – Through workshops, guest lectures and field trips, students can tap into the knowledge and experience of professionals leading the industry. Photography is all about inspiration, and learning how and where professionals seek inspiration can unlock the door to endless creativity.

3. Networking opportunities – As well as the industry professionals who students will connect with, there are many networking opportunities offered during a BA in photography course. Faculty members and guest lecturers who are often established photographers themselves are some of the most valuable contacts a student can gain. Through exhibitions and industry events, students can also expand their network while showcasing their work to the public.

4. Creative development – A bachelor’s degree in photography aims to push creative boundaries and encourages students to express their artistic flair. While exploring different genres and styles, students can experiment with newfound skills and techniques to develop their own style of photography. Feedback and critiques mould this creativity to help students find an original voice in the industry.

5. Critical thinking – Photography isn’t just about taking a picture. As well as art, there is a lot of theory behind each photograph. Understanding the social, cultural and historical contexts in which images exist is a crucial element within photography. Students are encouraged to analyse images within broader cultural and historical frameworks which builds strong critical thinking skills.

Careers to explore with a BA in photography

A common misconception among students is that a bachelor’s degree in photography is only suitable for those looking to become a photographer. Of course, a BA in photography is a gateway to a career as a photographer, whether that be commercial or corporate, however, there are many other routes to explore. Here are a few careers that may suit your expertise:

– Photojournalist

– Art and Photo Editor

– Photographic Stylist

– Picture Researcher

– Multimedia Specialist

– Community Arts Worker

– Advertising Art Director

Why choose BSBI for a bachelor’s degree in photography?

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) offers a three-year or four-year international route BA in photography course in partnership with the UK-based University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

From the fundamentals to the technical aspects of photography, students gain a comprehensive guide to the creative industry. Students are given the tools to develop their own style of photography and explore the different career paths within the specialised field through real-world experiences thanks to the guidance and expertise of knowledgeable faculty members.

With four core themes: The Real, The Body, Spatial Practices and Expanded Practices, the bachelor’s degree in photography at BSBI fosters experimentation and a global perspective to enhance photography expertise. Delivered 100% on campus, this BA in photography course prioritises employability, allowing students to build a professional portfolio from day one.

So, what is stopping you? Turn your hobby into a career and master the art and craft of photography. Explore BSBI’s BA (Hons) Photography course today.

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