The Critical Role Played by Maritime Transport Amidst COVID-19

The current pandemic has affected many sectors including the global movement of goods through waterways. Getting supplies and essentials to various countries is a responsibility that lies with maritime transport as they undertake 80% of global trade- making commodities like food, energy and raw materials. Trade through water routes is how we get most of our medical supplies – a requisite right now – along with items needed for the manufacturing industry. Read on for a fascinating insight into the crucial role that maritime transport services are playing right now.

By continuing to trade and making essential goods available, maritime services are helping to restore normalcy in our daily lives. Keeping supply chains open and permitting cross-border sea trade has impacted the world economy positively. 

Countries that are under lockdown need access to food, medical and other supplies, and as a result, ports must be kept open. To reduce obstacles in the movement of crews, personal hygiene is practiced with port staff supplied with disinfectant gels, respiratory masks, protective overalls and more.

Agencies should also step up to coordinate this important task. Maritime and shipping management in cooperation with requisite bodies helps make vital goods available in destinations, especially to hospitals and coastal areas. The G20 Leaders’ Summit and other important global meetings must address the issues that are being raised by the shipping industry as this sector is crucial to COVID-19 and will continue to hold significance in the face of any future crises. 

Continued access to maritime trade is also needed to keep globalisation alive and sustain the economy. As the pandemic moves from Asia to Europe and the American continent, keeping the shipping sector afloat becomes all the more necessary. Global maritime transport can help us see us through these tough times as diversifying supply chains and keeping goods flowing will act as a lifeline in tough times.

In populated and developing countries, maritime transport services serve as a cost-effective and efficient transport system. Being a popular trade route, they have a significant impact on the economic development of these nations. 

Global maritime transport has a vital role to play in the overall economy as it’s the link that brings together nations, and as maritime transport services are central to globalised trade activities, technological and transport facilitation solutions can help ease the functioning of ports and transit industries.

Considering the important role that maritime and shipping management plays in shaping the world economy, a career in this sector can result in long-term benefits.

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This article was written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Anisa C.


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