Job Prospects with a Strategic Marketing Degree

Recently, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way businesses promotes their products and interact with their audience.

New tools and technologies have now emerged and their impact on marketing has been significant. 

Marketing is a pivotal part of any business as it helps you reach consumers in a number of interactive ways. 

Recently, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way businesses promotes their products and interact with their audience. New tools and technologies have now emerged and their impact on marketing has been significant.  

Strategic marketing offers traditional marketing direction and a channelled approach. It helps the organisation better understand client needs and helps create meaningful campaigns. Strategic marketing jobs are currently in high-demand and their prominence will only increase in the future. Read on to learn more about a career in this field and the various career paths you should consider.

Scope of strategic marketing

The main motive of strategic marketing is to build a customer-centric approach and run product campaigns to drive higher profits. The most important aspect is to develop an understanding of the audience and the market to create targeted tactics and products that hold unique value. 

A strategic marketing degree is a great way to learn how to develop and implement marketing strategies as you’ll gain a valuable skill set that will help you analyse and use market scenarios to the company’s advantage. Those keen on further study can choose to study for a Master’s in Strategic Marketing as well.  

Career path

According to job site,, marketing roles are in high-demand and this trajectory is expected to continue to rise. There are a variety of jobs that you can consider with a strategic marketing degree, all of which have remarkable value and come with a good paycheck. Here are some of the most prominent jobs: 

Strategic marketing manager

Average salary- €55,731

The role of a strategic marketing manager is to plan and carry out marketing strategies in order to promote sales and ensure brand building. This comprises conducting various market research activities, performing competitive analysis and also identifying the target audience. A strategic marketing manager also manages budgets, measures KPIs and the return on investment from each marketing endeavour.



Brand marketing manager 

Average salary- €56,460

A brand marketing manager’s role requires enormous creativity and a good understanding of consumer habits. You’ll be solely responsible for shaping and presenting the personality of the organisation that resonates with the audience. A brand marketing manager can be employed by a creative branding agency or they can be hired across a number of sectors such as fashion, hospitality, finance and more.

Marketing copywriter 

Average salary- €41,584 

Content is king in the marketing world. Since the demand for it is so high, companies are keen on hiring resourceful professionals with strong writing skills as part of their team. Marketing copywriters should be good with words and must have sound knowledge of consumer behaviour. They must have the flair to present their ideas or messages in the simplest yet effective manner. This role involves creativity to write taglines, product descriptions, blog posts, tweets and more. A marketing copywriter can work in-house full time or as a freelancer. 

Social media marketing specialist 

Average salary- €52,381 

Social media has changed the way marketing functions and this role involves generating traffic to websites, developing content strategy and working on engaging key influencers as well as the target audience.

Joining the dynamic field of marketing can be a fulfilling and rewarding choice. Make sure you’re ready to impress employers with a suitable course such as the MA in Strategic Marketing by Berlin School of Business & Innovation (BSBI). This specialist programme can help you develop the expert knowledge needed to enjoy a lucrative career.

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