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Research Faculty

Kathrin Bremer

Job Position: Lecturer

Kathrin Bremer holds a master degree in geography. She worked for ten years in various positions in tourism, as well as for 15 years for international non-governmental organisations as a manager. These 25 years of practice have resulted in the topics she teaches at the BSBI and other universities such as the University of Düsseldorf.

Expert and trainer for cross cultural management, everything around strategic and global marketing, as well as communication expert. 

Award of the initiative "Land of Ideas" from the German Federal Government for the campaign "Fairtrade Towns".

1. Sozialstandards in der öffentlichen Beschaffung, Alexander Fonari / Vivien Führ / Norbert Stamm (Hg.) für Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Eine Welt Landesnetzwerke in Deutschland e.V. und Eine Welt Netzwerk Bayern e.V.

2. Auflage Oktober 2009 Oh, diese Mallorquiner! (Nachbarschaften) (Deutsch) Taschenbuch – 13. März 2017, ISBN-10 : 386686809X

Everything that has to do with communication between different cultures, countries and markets.