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Dr. (MD) Ahmed ElBarawi studied medicine and surgery, followed by training in the Orthopaedic Surgery specialty, served as a guest scientist in LKH University Hospital Graz, Austria, and in parallel he used to run successful businesses varying from food and beverage, Agribusiness, Import & Export, and International Trading with a focus on the consumable medical supplies, armoured by MSc. of International Health Management with Com Laude.

His employment journey started in BSBI as an Academic Support Officer, with success and progression to the current position as a Lecturer of the Master programme of the International Health Management.

Nevertheless, he had the opportunity to be elected as the president of students’ Council during his undergraduate studies where he was able to set the students rights after the revolution happened in his home country.

Areas of expertise

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • International Trading
  • Medical Supplies
  • Academic Support Management