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Ms. Behnoosh Lahooti is currently a Ph.D. student specialising in Organisational Behaviour, with a keen focus on the study of discrimination and oppression in France at Neoma Business School. Her academic journey began in Iran, where she completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees. During her time as an undergraduate, she delved into the field of Business, specifically exploring organisational culture. This passion carried over into her master’s programme, where she further investigated the intricate relationship between organisational culture and discrimination.

In addition to her studies, she gained valuable professional experience by working in the banking industry for nearly four years while pursuing her master’s degree. This exposure allowed her to develop a strong foundation in quantitative research methods. However, as she progressed in her academic career, she felt compelled to expand her methodological repertoire. Consequently, she transitioned towards qualitative research approaches, particularly focusing on auto-ethnography and conducting fieldwork interviews.

As an aspiring academic, she has a profound appreciation for teaching management science, with a particular emphasis on leadership and marketing. These subjects resonate deeply with her, as they offer valuable insights into the dynamics of organisations and their impact on individuals. By imparting her knowledge in these areas, she hopes to contribute to the development of future leaders and instigate positive change within the business world.

Areas of expertise

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Discrimination and Oppression

Research Interests

  • Discrimination and Oppression
  • Leadership