Paris work study visa

Work Placement / Internship in Paris

With a diverse economy spanning industries such as technology, fashion, gastronomy, and more, France welcomes an international workforce seeking a fulfilling career. France is known for its strong job market and its renowned work-life balance, making it an attractive destination for both career advancement and personal enrichment.

Working in Paris

Work Placement/Internship/Project

Students completing their studies in Paris will have a mandatory work placement/internship* (maximum 6 months or 20 hours maximum per week under a student visa)/work project/French lessons. Only companies registered in France can be considered by PPA for approval. The work placement agreement must be signed by the student, the company and PPA.

To participate, an additional fee needs to be paid at the beginning of the dissertation term.

*Applicable for post graduate students only.
Working in France

Post Study Work Visa

After completing their undergraduate or postgraduate studies with BSBI, students will be entitled to an additional French degree level 6 or 7 which will allow them to apply for a post study work visa.