BSBI launches careers centre platform for students with JobTeaser

The dedicated website will give students a professional hub to launch their careers

Berlin, 19 February 2020 –
Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has announced a partnership with JobTeaser, an international specialist in career services for young people in higher education.

Launched in France in 2008, JobTeaser provides dedicated solutions to companies for the recruitment of young talent, as well as free career centre software to higher education institutions across Europe.

With this partnership, JobTeaser becomes a careers centre partner for BSBI. The collaboration sees the creation of a dedicated online platform accessible to BSBI students and staff, exclusively managed by JobTeaser

Using this software, students can build their profile, search for jobs and unlock their future career. They will have access to the entire JobTeaser network, featuring over 60,000 recruiters and companies, showcasing all kinds of employment options with a wide range of partners. 

Dr Alexandra Gray, Academic Director at BSBI, said: “We are extremely proud to have secured this partnership for our students. JobTeaser has great experience in helping students to make a successful transition into work.

Young people coming to Germany to study are always looking to combine their education with gaining work experience. With JobTeaser our students will be able to find the right solution for them whilst searching for opportunities that suit their abilities, aspirations and availability.”

Adrien Ledoux, co-founder and CEO of JobTeaser, said: “We believe the transition between university and the professional world is very difficult for young talent, as many feel lost when it comes to choosing their career.

“We want to provide them with the right guidance tools, giving universities the opportunity to better support students as they enter the world of work, and helping businesses to adapt to a changing world by choosing the right talent, beyond their degree. 

The partnership was officially launched during an event hosted at BSBI’s campus in Potsdamer Strasse, on Tuesday 18 February. Job Teaser’s representatives and BSBI’s staff were on hand to introduce students to the platform and its many benefits.

Catherine Flynn, Student Services Manager at BSBI, said: “The launch was a great way to present the platform to our students. Thanks to JobTeaser’s presence on campus they could ask questions and explore the website, learning how to make the most of it.”

In addition to job opportunities with different companies, including BSBI’s partners, the website will work as a fully functional and professional hub. Students will be able to build their profile and access useful content such as interview advice, CV writing and review tips, workshops and learning materials.

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